Friday, August 28, 2015

Some day I'll Be Livin' in a Big Ol' City

GUESS WHAT!!! I leave for New York in just two days!!! I'm stoked, are you? I bet you are. Anyways onward to the email. 
Friday: Same old P-day stuff although it was our last real P-day because next Friday we will be frantically packing. But other than that it was a normal P-day and a really fun time playing our last game of sand volleyball. An elder from the other ASL district tried to describe me in one sentence today and this is how he described me. "Sister Seay, inside your tiny white body is a giant black woman." So there you have it everyone haha 
Saturday: Heavens to Betsy has it already been a month since I've left home?! But... I don't want to come home.... I love it here! Its okay haha I still have 17 more glorious months left! For class we had to do a Book of Mormon activity but instead of answering questions we had to reply with only questions back and try to direct them to their answer. I guess I'm really good at it. After I taught Sister Kucharek she was like "Yep, Sister Seay is ready for the mission field." haha so that was awesome. I saw a ton of people I know today like Josh Howard and Justice Santiago just to name a couple. For personal study and all our other studies we decided to go outside because it was such a nice day. We met some Mandarin Chinese elders and we talked to them for like two hours and we had some amazing discussions. 
Sunday: Our district meeting went really well this week! Hooray! We spent a lot of our time during our temple walk looking for our teachers cochlear. It was super important for us to find it because cochlear's are worth $70,000 without the surgery. Yikes. Thankfully we were able to find it. For our Sunday Movie we watched a talk by Elder Bednar and he said, "Become a missionary, don't simply go on a mission." I'm about 99.99% sure everyone is being 100% obedient right now. I know I am even more now! 
Monday: We had interviews with our branch president today and he said I was going to be an amazing missionary and knows I am prepared enough to enter the field. It warmed my heart so much. Sister Adam and I were on a companionship exchange all day today because her companion had doctors appointments and couldn't miss more class. So Sister Provard and I were separated for a day. Them for class we had to act out these gospel principles without using any ASL just body language. Do you know how difficult it is to act out the Law of Chastity with no ASL? Really difficult and awkward but super funny. Then we had to do the first vision with just facial expression. Yep, only our faces. We couldn't stop laughing all night. 
Tuesday: This morning we taught Veronica about the ten commandments and about the Law of Chastity, and it went really well. We started packing today because the MTC honestly gives you no time to pack. Our teacher Sister Pendleton said something that was really good for all of us to hear. She said, "You will have hard times. Mission are hard. The rain will come and it will feel like you will never see the sun again. but don't hide from the rain, you will get wet, and it will hurt; but then the sun will shine again and you will realize why the storm came and you will become stronger." wow. Right to the heart. It was good for us to hear because we all have fears about the mission field. Whether they be big fears or little fears. 
Wednesday: This morning we practiced fingerspelling and playing a game called Telephone and it was so funny what people say at the end. When it was my turn at the end I had no idea what they spelled so I was like whatever I will just guess and I totally guessed it right. Holla holla swag money #gangster. We packed a little more today and our room is getting emptier and emptier its so sad! Although I learned today that deaf people are really bad cooks. One time our teacher had an investigator make them boiling water with canola oil, grass that they grabbed from their lawn, and an egg they cracked in there. And I guess that was a good meal. I guess I will experience some...interesting cooking. Sister Nava had us write in our preach my gospel about why the Book of Mormon was important to us and mind turned into my testimony but I feel the need to write it so here you go!
 "During my time at the MTC I made a goal for myself that I would finish the Book of Mormon before my plane landed in New York. I have read the Book of Mormon before but I didn't have a super strong testimony of it because I've never intensely studied the book. it never had a huge impact on me until the day I entered the MTC. One day during class we learned how to receive revelation through the Book of Mormon. Though I was a little hesitant I went along with the activity, little did I know I was about to experience something incredible. I received an answer, it was almost overwhelming because I finally understood the power of this book. God gave us this book because it has the power to testify to all men that Jesus is the living Christ and he died so that we all might live with God again. This is a book of inspiration and once you have unlocked the powers of it yourself you will have a personal connection with god and have all the questions you want to be answered will be. The spirit testifies that this book is true and I now know for myself it is a true and everlasting book. I know Joseph Smith did not die for nothing, he died so that this book may bring others unto Christ. This is a church of converts. Thought some of us may have grown up in the church there comes a point in our lives where we must determine if this is truly God's church. And we invite all men to read this book and to ask God if this is the true church and if the things written in the Book of Mormon are true. Now I can't tell you what to do or what to think, but I know with all my heart that the Book of Mormon is true. I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, and he died so that millions could come unto Christ. The Spirit will testify to all those who have a sincere heart that this is a true book. Every Time we read the Book of Mormon we will discover something new for ourselves and God will answer us through the scriptures if we have enough faith to search through them. The power is undeniable from the Book of Mormon and I invite you all to read or reread to know for yourself that this is the only true Church on Earth." Well I have no idea why I feel like I needed to share that but there you are :) 
Thursday: Today we spent a total of ten hours in our field orientation today. I'm going to be honest right now... it was a complete waste of time. Okay not a total waste of time because I learned a thing or two. Although ten hours was way to long. So what happened during this orientation is a review of everything you had just learned the past five weeks. It could have all been summed up in an hour maybe two. We learned about deaf culture today and I learned that deaf people are really blunt. They don't beat about the bush. They will tell you you're fat and they won't hesitate to tell you that you're having a bad hair day. Watch I'm going to come home as a very blunt person with broken English. Awesome. 
Well that's all for now! The next email you get I will be in New York! I don't really know when I'll send the next email but be prepared to hear some awesome stories. See you in New York! 
Love, Sister Seay 

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