Friday, August 21, 2015

The most glorious nap in my entire life...

Hello friends and family!! 
So another crazy week as always I honestly cant even remember what I had for breakfast but i'll try my hardest to say everything. 
Friday: So petty much same old P-day stuff. Mckenna started school so that's kinda weird to think about. Oh! So during our free time before the temple Sister Provard wanted to play volleyball but I made the best decision I have ever made and decided to take a nap under a tree. It was the most glorious nap I have ever had. I seriously talked about it for days. 
Saturday: For Saturday we started the morning with missionary assessments and had a discussion on the atonement. Always a wonderful discussion to have. For gym we decided to play four square with the elders and it was possibly the most terrifying experience of my life, no joke. We had TRC today and our first lesson was really difficult because our investigator signed really slow so it was really hard to remember what she was saying. I got a letter from Mckenna and for some reason she thought it was a good idea to send a ketchup packet in the letter. It looked like a murder scene in an envelope. Good Job Kenna. Yep, that was about it...sorry my weeks are starting to get really boring. 
Sunday: Sundays are always interesting here at the MTC, like having sacrament at eight in the morning. Then we have three hours of free time and we usually watch Mormon messages. By the way if you ever want a good laugh put on the closed captions. Oh my word is hilarious although some times it can scar you too. There was one song we were listening to and all of a sudden swear words were popping up and we were all freaking out and covering our eyes trying to ind the mouse o tun off the captions. It was funny though because this beautiful church song was playing than all of a sudden a bunch of missionaries are panicking while soft church music was playing in the background. Automated closed captions do not work people. We had a district meeting later and it was soooooo bad. You could fee the frustration from everyone. Our entire meeting could have been summed up into ten minutes but they dragged it out for over an hour. The only thing I was frustrated about was how our leaders do not know how to run a meeting. Whenever we get together we just rip each other to pieces and honestly I don't think I have heard one positive thing we have done. Shout out to Tony Matthews for teaching me how meeting should be run. So I sat them down and talked to them and they were really grateful for my advice so I was glad they took it well. We will now have to see on Sunday if they took my advice or not. Then we had dinner at four, who in the world has dinner at four?! The Nashville Tribute Band was so wonderful. If you want a good cry go listen to the Hardest Thing I've Ever Done. It will make you cry I promise. 
Monday: During class today we learned how to use a videophone which is pretty much Skype or Face-time. We also had to do this activity called MAPI which stands for Missionaries As Progressing Investigator. So we had to come up with a story with all our background. Only the fact was our classmates were teaching us so we all have to teach each other, and of course we get paired with Elder Bowkweg. Who Purposefully makes my question my existence but that's besides the point. Turns out his story is hes an alcoholic so the entire time hes drinking from a water bottle which we later find out is "vodka". Awesome... as were teaching the word of wisdom. Super Difficult but it all worked out in the end. It was deaf day again and we killed it. Also Sister Adam was braiding my hair and she found a gray hair. My time has come.... I might not live to see my family again. My time here on Earth has been shortened... OH THE HUMANITY!!!! 
Tuesday: "Sister Seay its time to wake up!" *grabs pillow and starts beating Sister Provard* So I hope you know we had to wake up at five. Its sad to say that sleeping in is now 6:30...I cry every time. This morning we taught Veronica and it turns out her Mom said she couldn't be baptized but she turns 18 next week so she is still continuing on! Whoop whoop. We taught her the importance of going to church each week and she said she never feels the spirit at church but when she does its when we are teaching her, sadly we ran out of time but the power of the spirit shall be taught to our cute little Veronica. The devotional that night was by Larry J. Echo Hawk of the Seventy. He said something and he said, "Conversion is a process, not a on time thing." Wow. WE truly need to care about our investigators, and show them we aren't there just to get them to be baptized. 
Wednesday: This morning we skyped with a member named Broome (yes that is her real name). But it was weird because we planned on teaching a full lesson but it turned out to be just us getting to know each other and sharing a quick message with her. Gyms were closed again today for all the new missionaries so we had to stay in our dorm. however, Sister Bower was sleeping so we had to somehow entertain ourselves. I never realized how fascinating rubber bands are. MAPI was a disaster because Elder Bowkweg was not taking it seriously, he was just having a hard time focusing. Oh and Sister Provard and I had a deep doctrine discussion on the Holy Ghost = Mind blown. 
Thursday: So a ton of super dramatic stuff happened today although I cant really say to all of you what happened. Super sorry about that. I can only really tell you about our lesson with Veronica. First of all I cant even begin to describe how amazing the feeling of he spirit was. We taught about the Holy Ghost and by the end of the lesson we were all in tears and after we bore our testimonies I asked her how she felt and she said she felt good and she was happy and I pointed out with "That is the Spirit talking to you. That's the spirit." And the spirit... I didn't even think it could get stronger. It was such a good lesson. So yeah that's all I can really write about today because the rest of my day was dealing with a ton of problems. So if you really want to know what happened you can read my journal when I get home :) 
Well that's my week! I get my travel plans today so that's super exiting. I leave in 10 days!!!! I am stoked!!! If you guys ever have any question feel free to ask me no matter how stupid they may sound. I hope you are all doing well and just know I love and miss you all!
Love, Sister Seay 

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