Friday, August 14, 2015

Alma, Bad Moods, and the Second Coming

Hey friends and family! this week was really interesting so prepare yourselves accordingly. 
Friday: "Sister Seay looks like a mole rat seeing light for the first time." -Sister Cosper. Accurately describes my waking up in the morning am I right? Well P-day is always the same. Do laundry, email home, volleyball, and the temple. There's never really anything to report. Sorry! 
Saturday: DOOMS DAY HAS ARRIVED!! TRC. In other words we had to go teach a real investigator. The most terrifying moment of my life to be honest. Who lets real investigators be taught by missionaries in training?! That's savagery right there. Although our lessons went really well but my mind was blanking on the language but it was good to see what we needed to work on. So today out district leader decided to say that I sucked at ASL and was comparing me to the class. i know it was rude but hey now I have my Ill prove you wrong attitude but I was so upset. Mostly because everyone has years of experience while I have a semester in college like calm down. The fact that I am even keeping up with you is amazing in itself so eat that elder. It was a rough day for everyone and Sister Provard was in a really bad mood so I made her bed for her because she washed her sheets and she just came in and cried she was so happy. Honestly if you hate your companion there's something wrong with your attitude. Just show some Christlike love and find the things the Lord loves about them. If you have a strong relationship with your companion you can accomplish anything. I learned that today! 
Sunday: Church, meetings, class, and temple walk. Oh but the choir practice was amazing! So we had to go to the chapel across the road because they're redoing the floor in the room we normally practice in (I know, outside world! It exists!). We have the Nashville Tribute Band coming and performing for us and out choir gets to sing with them. Were signing a song called "Johns Song" it is SO FUN to sign. We all get so into it. Its almost amusing to watch all of the ASL missionaries. Go listen to the song its so good. It close to country but a cool gospel twist on it. 
Monday: I head out to New York in three weeks! I'M NOT READY! Well half of my time here at the MTC is over and the weeks are going by so fast! We learned about directional verbs today. How exciting right? That was sarcasm if you could not notice. ASL is so visual and I just feel so silly at times, literally the next year and a half for me is one giant game of charades. But hey in the future everyone will want me on their team so there's always a plus side. It was deaf day today and I lasted the entire day. Can I tell you how difficult it is not to talk to people? So difficult. I cant even explain it. 
Tuesday: Our service assignment was really funny because since we've already been here for awhile we know how to do everything and we do it faster and faster. out assignment lady was so scatterbrained trying to think of new jobs for us to do it was hilarious. Do you know how difficult it is to learn a language when your teachers never talk? Freaking hard! Although I guess we learn a lot faster that way so that's good! We decided to play volleyball with the other ASL district and it was so fun except the fact that the sand was hotter than Hades! I'm pretty sure I burned the bottoms of my feet off! We had to teach our investigator Veronica and it went so well. Not exactly how we planned but good, she was really confused on the concept of the priesthood. Although we now know what to teach in our next lesson haha. After our lesson we got back and one of our teachers Sister Nava got up in front of the class and SPOKE! We were all freaking out it was so odd, but she said she wanted to share something with us and wanted to make sure everyone would understand. She had us turn to Alma 26: 27-37. Now this story is about Ammon and how they left to go teach and in these verses is something really powerful. In the first verse is says, "Our hearts were troubled, and we were about to turn back.." Now stop for a second. Those men were about to give up. Just like thousands of missionaries have thought about. however, they don't turn back and they keep going. if they wont quit, then why should we? Now in verse 29 it says "...and we have been cast out, and mocked, and spit upon, and smote upon our cheeks; and we have been stoned, and taken and bound with strong cords, and cast into prison,"Now I don't know about you but I haven't been stoned or thrown into jail recently. So if they can keep going after all that, why cant we? Now my favorite verse is 37. It says, "God is mindful of every people whatsoever land they may be.." Wait. Now change the word from people to missionary. Then it goes like this; God is mindful of every MISSIONARY whatsoever land they may be. How amazing is that? if missions were easy no one would go. Its true! No one would want to be there. Its always worth it in the end so why give up? Even so this can relate to all of your lives. When our lives get difficult we want to give up. It happens to the best of us, but ask yourself... why are you allowing yourself to give up? Wow I went on forever about that my bad! Ill just leave on that note. 
Wednesday: "GGooooooddddd morning sisters!" I hear this every morning as Sister Provard wakes us all up and quickly flips on the light switch. Needless to say I now know how Joseph Smith felt... its either that or the second coming... In class we role played with each other and I had to have the deaf elder, Elder Boekweg, teach me. He gave me no mercy, all he ever does is tease me. My name sign literally means engaged. haha all the elders in my district are ridiculous. For gym we decided our room needed a little TLC which turned into us eating our lunch on the floor talking about life. But we did make our beds so lets be proud of that! Our teacher Brother Horlatcher is leaving us for two weeks because hes getting married on Saturday. it was a sad day but we all get to see him right before we all leave. A sister in our district has to stay for nine extra days due to some health problems so that's really sad but she will be great and will get better soon!
Thursday: *ques music to Welcome Welcome Sabbath morning* "Welcome Welcome Thursday morning, the MTC is really boring" As every Tuesday and Thursday we went and did our service assignment, and I don't know if we have the hands of the Gods or the assignment lady hates us but we always seem to get such with toilet duty. But it is great because we've created a competition out of it. I mean who can say they started a toilet cleaning race at the MTC? We taught Veronica today and we taught her the priesthood which went really well. However, Sister Provard would hardly let me say anything. So that was really annoying but I did ask her to commit to baptism so that's good! My class was having a really hard time focusing today so we lost the spirit completely. I don't know today was just frustrating and I literally cant handle the sisters anymore. I understand that I grew up with all girls but at least I know how to act like a lady. They are constantly burping and it might just be me but I find that so disturbing. And were representatives, its time to start acting like a lady and not burping at dinner and not making weird dinosaur noises during our class discussions. patience is a virtue... patience is a virtue.. 
Well that was my week everyone! I hope you are all doing well :) love and miss you all tons!!! :) 
Love, Sister Seay 

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