Friday, August 7, 2015

In my past life I was a cat...

Hey friends and family! Has it already been a week? The days all blur together it seems like, I swear I can never keep track of what day it is. So as always there were a million things that happened so I'll try to make this quick. 

Friday: So we spent the day emailing, laundry, playing volleyball, and doing an ASL temple session. Funny story happened, the elders were all having a hard time figuring out their laundry and one of the elders in my district lost his pen earlier that morning. Needless to say he found his pen in his white shirts. Blank ink was everywhere haha poor fella... he tried so hard to do it by himself. Us sisters are definitely helping out the elders this week. Our district went to the ASL session at the temple for the first time and it was so odd bu thankfully it was also voiced so I could still understand. Well that was pretty much it! 
Saturday: Happy month of August! So in our class we had a lesson on stress management and our insane teacher made us run up and down the stairs, yeah cause that relieves stress as he chases us up and down the stairs. Also in our dorm Sister Cosper decided it would be a great idea to make herself a toga and scare all the new sisters haha Sister Cosper... always keeping things interesting. Class was extremely hard to understand and one of the elders broke down and just started bawling because he was so overwhelmed. I just wanted to hug him but I cant! We gave him a very reassuring handshakes though.
Sunday: Sundays are BAE! Good news though I didn't have to play the piano so that's nice although I had to say the closing prayer so it always comes back around. Sister Provard and I had to teach the relief society lesson on repentance and I am so grateful everyone participated. I love having group discussions because you learn so much from others. Our Sunday devotional was by Sheri Dew and she said something profound, "Don't underestimate what you know" and how we should never compare our faith and testimonies. Funny story once again, I had another language mistake and I find pure joy in sharing them so buckle up because you are all in for a ride. I said "were thankful for our wives" when I meant to say "were thankful for our blessing" So that was my language adventure for the week haha 

Monday: Class, class, class and more class! For gym time we decided that it would be an awesome idea to run stadiums until we remembered we had to walk up five flights of stairs to our classroom. We definitely felt that workout. We had another English fast today and I am proud to say that Sister Provard and I survived the entire day! It was so dang hard! I also got more food form my mom. Mom you are going to make everyone in my district fat but we love it all at the same time haha. And congrats to Jacob Beers to getting his mission call to New York! Not as cool as the South mission but were in the same state so that's pretty special haha just kidding your mission will be wonderful! 
Tuesday: Oh my golly goodness you will never believe what happened today!! But because I am evil I will wait for the longest possible moment to tell you all. For our service assignment I had to vacuum the entire building and I am going to have some arm muscle once I am home. Although I don't really mind because I never had any beforehand, I mean seriously what is a push-up? The entire day was so odd because the MTC security was all hyped up. For our gym time I lead our room in a yoga session and these girls crack me up when they try and follow me. Sister Cosper is not flexible so she just waves her legs in the air like a fish out of water. We had to teach our investigator Veronica and when we got there Sister Provard seemed to have forgotten every word of ASL she know so it was all up to me... yay! Veronica is a challenge but she is really good for us to learn from. Classes ended early for us because of choir practice and I swear this choir director this the ASL missionaries are geniuses because he hands us new music and asks us if we could sign it at the devotional (which happened to start in 30 minutes). So just to clarify how signing a song goes in ASL. You cant look at the music. You just cant, because you are using your hands to sign the song. So we had to memorize an entire song, without music, in 30 minutes. And then he just so causally mentions that Russel M. Nelson was speaking at our devotional. The president of the quorum of the twelve apostles...great. But wait. It gets better. Then our director mentions how it will be broadcast to all the MTCs around the world. Now we were really sweating. Gift of tongues is real and that's all I have to say on that matter. But Russell M. Nelson is an amazing speaker. Too many things to write down. 
Wednesday: Today I was woken up by Sister Provard yanking me out of my blanket burrito. I now know I am going to die in New York (just a heads up mom). We spent a good amount of time getting that creepy orange creature out of our air vent. Turns out its a pumpkin. 

Thursday: So this morning we had another service assignment but we didn't have to scrub toilets this time so that's always good news , but there's nothing like changing the tampon liners to jump start your day. I see so many people here at the MTC! I just saw Kelton Jacobsen and Andrew Jackson just today. Its always nice seeing familiar faces though. Today we also had to teach Veronica and she threw the biggest curve ball at us. Guess what... she believes in reincarnation. So that was really difficult to correct. She believes she was a cat in her life before... YIKES. On honey let me teach you about the plan of salvation shall we? As we were teaching her about the plan of salvation Sister Provard accidentally signed false doctrine so I had to jump in and save us from our appending DOOM! Elder Bell shared something with me that was really awesome he said, "People don't have a problem with the doctrine they have a problem with their own personal faith." I thought it was a really good point because God will never change His doctrine. We don't have reasons behind all doctrines but we have enough to help us get back to Heavenly Father again. 
Well that was my week! Sorry my thoughts are all over the place they just never give us time to write! I love you all and I will take to you all soon! 

Love, Sister Seay

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