Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hurricane of rain? Yes, but also miracles!

Hello!!! Now with the weather report, HURRICANE!! Haha just kidding but we did get a TON of rain from the hurricane coming our way although it seems like it's starting to die out. The wind was ridiculous though, and of course I don't have any of my winter stuff yet haha so that was fun. Any ways more about that later!

Monday: Today's Pday was boring we didn't do anything which is surprising because it was Sister Layton's last actual Pday because we have her temple trip next week which counts as our Pday (hence why I'm writing you today) and the next she will be packing. Oh well but our night went really well! We video phoned our deaf couple and continued reading the Book of Mormon and they told us they believe the Book of Mormon is true! Say whhhhaaaa??? Although they still don't believe Joseph smith was a prophet so we need to explain that a little more haha but they're finally starting to have soft hearts. They are such a miracle. Then we went knocking and we found one guy who just kept asking us so many great questions. He really opened up to us and told us about his life, he told us he believes in God but not a particular religion. We answered all his questions and he said he felt something special about is. We tried so hard to set up an appointment but he kept shrugging it off. Hopefully we meet with him again.
Tuesday: Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! As Rapunzel says in tangled "BEST DAY EVER!" Today was just full of miracles. I have no idea what we're doing right but we're going to just keep doing it. Our day didn't start off with miracles because we had zone conference we just talked about district unity and then spent the rest of the time talking about the rule changes. It amazes me how angry some missionaries were, like come on president wants us to do this so let's suck it up! Obedience brings miracles, I know that to be true! We went knocking around our
neighborhood today and we talked to one man who was on the phone and quickly told us he wasn't interested but he did refer us to his neighbors and guess what... Two new investigators! As we were headed back to the car the man on the phone stopped us and apologized for being so rude, he wasn't even rude when he said no! Trust me sir we get a lot meaner people. But he just told us how much he respects what we are doing and he was probably the only Catholic I talked to that actually knew what the pope talked about haha. We tried meeting with
our Pentecostal friend but she wasn't home so we knocked her neighbors doors and we got two more investigators. What in the world?! We also found a referral for the Spanish elders! When we got home we saw we
had a missed call on our videophone and it was someone we called randomly but he was interested! We have a church tour with him later this week. Once we hung up we called a referral from the Manhattan elders and he wants us to meet him too! He said he's even going to watch conference. Alright Heavenly Father.... What did we do right? But wait! That's not all we went to a less active members house and she asked US to set up a time for a priesthood blessing and she is coming to church the Sunday after conference. I'm about to pass out from all these miracles. BUT WAIT! Those weren't even the biggest ones. So one of our deaf investigators family started meeting with the Spanish sisters and they called us and told us the entire family wants to be baptized. So we moved up our investigators baptism date. October 17th were coming for you, we were screaming at this point and jumping up and down with excitement. Isn't that insane?! It's like Heavenly Father dumped an entire bucket of blessing on us. I am not complaining though, we were so grateful.

Wednesday: Today we had planned on doing some service but the weather was so bad so they all canceled. Bummer. However today was deep cleaning day because we have to every transfer and let me just say our apartment needed it. I spent two hours just cleaning the bathroom, mom you just had to raise me with your crazy cleaning habits didn't you haha. We tried looking up random people in our area book so we could clean it up but no one was home. :( however we had a feeling to go to one of our investigators houses but he wasn't home, however, we saw this little boy and he referred us to his mom. So we headed over to his house and his mom let us in right away although she was in the middle of doing her friends weave. Funniest two black ladies I have ever met. The sass was unreal. We taught the restoration and they both wanted us to come back! I'm so exited haha
Thursday: It's October? Holy smokes I'm still thinking its July. So you know the deaf man who wanted a church tour I mentioned earlier? So we met with him today and when he got there he had a friend with him. Sweet another person to teach. As we were talking to his friend it turns out he is a member!!! Say whhhhhhhaaaaatttt? I guess they had a deaf branch in Brooklyn but it crashed and he's been looking for the church ever since. It's been years since he's gone to church but when we were in the chapel he said he could feel the spirit so strong. That
was a miracle, not only did we find a lost sheep but he just so happens to be deaf, that never happens people! We were teaching the, both about baptism and his friend just kept telling our investigator to get baptized and how he will work hard to get the priesthood so he can baptize him. Okay not only is he a lost member and dead but he's Golden! We asked our investigator to be baptized and he accepted our date. Ahh! <3 saying goodbye to our investigator was super awkward though. We reached out our hands for a handshake and he grabbed us and
hugged us and kissed us on the forehead. The looks on our faces were probably priceless. Oh my I'm already so awkward. Pray for me. We had lunch with a less active member and she is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. As we tried getting to know her and asked why she no longer goes to church she told us she's had a lot of bad situations with the men in our church, more specifically the priesthood. Like her first husband thought he had a higher power over her because of the priesthood so he abused her for years! Super sad right? And just so many awful things that happened to her that are just to sad to write. :( we taught all of our deaf investigators today and they all went so well the deaf work is progressing like crazy! I love it.

Friday: Today was unsuccessful because it was so stormy from the hurricane coming our way. We had district finding so we had to knock on doors in like 40 mph winds in the pouring rain. Let me remind you I have none of my winter clothes yet haha and I stepped in a puddle so my shoes were soaked and I was pretty sure I was going to die of hypothermia. Wow I'm such a desert rat! But the best part of that activity was we got bread bowls afterwards. There's nothing like a bread bowl on a rainy day (isn't that right Morgan (Smith I'm not talking about myself haha)) thankfully we had a lesson with a less active that night so we didn't have to go knocking in the storm. It is so difficult to even get one word in while we talk to her though. All I would do was just start testifying. We tried giving her so Book of Mormon to read but she was hesitant and said she wanted to pray about it first and when we were being more aggressive she still insisted on praying about it first. So stubborn. Oh well we will work on her. We might need a miracles to soften her heart. Goodness!!

Saturday and Sunday: This weekend was one of the two best weekends of the year! Why? Because it's general conference of course. It was so amazing! So we didn't do much work this weekend because of it but we did have a couple of investigators watch it so that was amazing. Elder Jeffery R. Holland is always tugging at heart strings though. He talked all about mothers and all the missionaries just got so sad afterwards. Go read that talk mom :) love you. They talked so much about families and raising our children in righteousness. All the sisters just wanted to hold a baby after that haha the struggle is real! As much as children terrify me I miss playing with them. Hardest rule to follow. Anyways conference was amazing and I am so happy to sustain our new apostles and to hear their testimonies. Russell M. Nelsons talk in the Sunday morning session was amazing and now I just want to the best woman ever! There's always room to improve. Also Robert D. Hales spoke a wonderful talk. If anyone is thinking about getting married (shout out to all my girls getting those rings) read this talk first! The best quotes were "none of us marry perfection, we marry potential" "If we are prepared, we shall not fear." And "exaltation is our goal, and discipleship is our journey." If you have not watched conference, I highly, strongly, encourage, plead with you to go watch them all. Don't take advantage of listening to our prophets and apostles words. Listen with a sincere intent and a question on your heart and you will receive counsel. I promise you that. Ahh the church it so true. I invite you all to figure that out for yourselves. I can't tell you what to believe or what to do but I know it will only bless your life.

Monday: so today wasn't Pday obviously because we had to help Sister Deuel go to Terryville. Although we shall return. We didn't do much because she had to pack but once she left we had a day of finding. No one was home although we were at one of our investigators houses and we ended up talking to his neighbors and one is going through a really hard time, she just had three family members pass away and the other was super nice. We talked to the really nice one for a long time and explained what the Book of Mormon was and what exactly Mormons believe. That was awesome she accepted the Book of Mormon I gave her and said she would read it. We also have an appointment with her next week. :) nothing much else happened. Sorry! 
Well that was my week! Miracles are happening here in south shore. Also Sister Deuel got emergency transferred for 10 days so it will only be Sister Layton and I till transfer meeting. We will miss her but she will join back up with me the next transfer. Whoop whoop. Shout out to my cousin Austen for getting his mission call to Germany! That's awesome! Can't wait for you to join this amazing army of missionaries. I love and miss you all and I will write again next Monday! Stay safe! <3

Love, Sister SeayP.S you know my MTC companion ister Provard?! She's my companion today whoop whoop Pday in Brooklyn today. :)

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