Monday, October 12, 2015

I killed my companion!

Hhhheeeelllloooooo everybody!!!! :) so basically we had a really busy week, especially with it being sister laytons last week here in New York! Yes, I killing my companion. I drop her off at transfer meeting tomorrow (I'm staying in south shore with sister Deuel) and she will be back in Utah. Also I'm starting on Tuesday because that was our Pday last week in case you all forgot, don't worry my days aren't that exciting anyways haha.

Tuesday: Sister Provard and I were together for Pday while our companions went to their departing temple trip. Sister Layton and I had to wake up at 5:00 in order to be there in time. We spent the day in queens and Brooklyn and it was so nice seeing my good old MTC companion again. Whoever thought it was a good idea to let two trainees roam free in the city must have a lot of faith in us not getting lost haha But hey I rode my first New York City bus! That's something I accomplished. We just spent the day buying winter stuff because we're already a bunch of big babies and are already freezing haha. But now we are super warm!! Yay. Eventually we headed back to the office to meet back up with our companions but the new mission nurse Sister Peterson invited us over to her pad for peanut butter and jelly :) She's so cute, she's a single sister and basically my new favorite senior missionary. She has a special place in my heart. We didn't leave the mission office till 8:30 because we were waiting for sister laytons and the elders we drove with interviews to be finished. Once we were finally on the rode the elder we drove with are the craziest weirdest missionaries I have ever met. They just kept telling the weirdest stories like elder Mortinsen told us his love for midgets and how he finds them adorable haha. Also sister Layton was telling a story and them stopped because she didn't want to tell them something so elder hill pulled the car over on the busiest freeway till she told them haha. Also elder hill was talking to me and was like "sister Seay I'm leaving soon so basically our relationship means nothing" but they he was like "wait don't take that the wrong way".... Yadda yards it just keeps getting more and more awkward. Thankfully elder Mortinsen just started turning up the music till he stopped talking haha. It sounded like he was breaking up with me. Like what are you talking about? I just met you a couple hours ago. That was the most awkward conversation of my life. Pray for the elders returning home everyone. Haha.
Wednesday: Today was pretty unsuccessful because all our appointments accept one fell through but even if we only taught one or two lessons we should be happy, why? We're helping them come closer to Christ of course. We had district meeting today and our zone leaders were there! Our district is still so awkward haha but it's mostly because one of our elders has been here for 9 months and he has just given up :( so sad. So since all our appointments canceled we tried doing some old lookups and we met one, she sadly wasn't interested but she still accepted a Book of Mormon so who knows, maybe one day. We taught a less active tonight (the one we taught the law or chastity to) and she is my favorite person ever. We talked about enduring to the end and even made her a plan to quit smoking by Christmas and help her get to the temple in January! :) pray it happens! Afterwards we looked up another potential and when she saw us she said "I was wondering when you were going to come back!" We were shocked. She is so pure in heart and has just been waiting for us to come back. We had an amazing lesson with her about the restoration and she took a Book of Mormon to read. New investigator! Whoo hoo! :) and finally an English investigator.

Thursday: DEAF DAY!!! :) we tried to visit one of our investigators that have a baptism date but she's in depression right now due to her friend recently dying so we're sad for two reasons, we have to move her baptism date and also that fact her friend died. We had a great lesson on prayer with our new investigator and it's still so awkward when we say goodbye to him because he always tries to hug us haha Sister Layton about punched him in the gut trying to shake his hand and to stop him from hugging her. Our young investigator and his families baptism date also has to be moved because they didn't come to church last week so they haven't gone for three Sunday's :( oh well at least they understood and still want to be baptized. We visited the rest of our investigators and they all well really well. They are all even coming to church on Sunday!!! Finally!!! I'm so stoked! We had dinner at our deaf couples house and we had a great time but at the end of dinner sister Layton shared her last testimony and asked them if they would ever be baptized and they still said no! We thought their hearts had been softened by reading the Book of Mormon but I guess not. So STUBBORN! I love them but sometimes.... I just wish I could just be like get in the baptismal font already! Haha just kidding. But in all reality we're going to most likely drop them soon.

Friday: Today was a day of less active look ups and sadly no luck! Except one! She is from Haiti and super funny. She let us right in and started talking to us but she was too busy juicing her carrots (super random I know) so we're going back next week. Haha she reminded me of my mom making her crazy weird juices. We tried looking up another investigator but it turns out she actually moved but the lady who currently lived there referred us to her neighbors and they were interested. We felt really bad though because they were trying to put their two month old baby to sleep. Oops. We met with the less active we've been working with and they all recently received priesthood blessing from the bishop and she said they worked! Score! Then she vented to us about her boyfriends handicapped sister and how it's really affecting her kids, it's a really long and sad story. However, she also said she's bringing all of her kids to church on Sunday. Miracle. Also one of the young women on our ward texted us and said at school they had a presentation on marijuana and she ended up sharing a Mormon message to her class on a story of marijuana. I would have never had the guts to do that in my middle school. I respect her so much, I guess her teacher arms police officer pulled her aside after class and asked her a ton of questions about our church and she gave them our number. Ummm.... How to I raise my children to be like her cause DANG.

Saturday: so basically sister Layton has a freak out this morning because she thought she was getting a rash on her face, which she wasn't and made us go to the hospital to get medicine for it. Kinda ridiculous but whatever I think she was just stressed about going home. She was bawling on the phone to our mission nurse because she didn't want to look ugly when she goes home. Calm down sister Layton there's nothing on your face. So yeah, we spent all morning at the doctors for no reason. As soon as we finished at the doctors we headed straight to correlation meeting which went really well. Then we spent some time finalizing everything for our transfer tomorrow and plans for all our deaf investigators coming to church. Then we went knocking for a couple hours and I ran into my first anti Mormon :) you guessed right...he hates Mormons haha. He is the first person I've ever call us a cult. It was funny though because he was like, "Tell me that Jesus Christ is your lord and savior. Guess what you can't." And we were confused and said "But Jesus Christ is my savior.." He was stunned I guess he never cared to listen to even a little bit of what Mormons believe. But that's all we could really say before he started telling us how we worship the devil because we wrote our own scripture. Then proceeded to tell us to get out of our cult right now and he finds is depressing that young people are being "brainwashed" into joining. What a nice man :) so that was interesting. I love those experiences though believe it or not, because they are such a faith builder. The more you defend your belief the more Heavenly Father tells you what you're testifying is true. I love it. Like elder holland says, "Defend your beliefs with courtesy and compassion, but defend them." <3 We had a Spanish culture party at our ward and it was amazing!! Everyone from the ward brought food from their home countries and it was delicious, we even watched dance performances and singing performances. Spanish people have special place in my heart, love them.

Sunday: So this morning I actually had to go on a transfer with sister Larsen to Terryville and go to church with her while sister Layton and sister Deuel went to bay shore. Terryville is about the closest ward you can get to being a Utah ward. They are amazing and the ward members made me speechless. MEMBERS ARE THE KEY! Please make my day and go teaching with the missionaries and then write me an email about it. You would literally make my entire week so much better. During sacrament I watched these two little kids and I guess I am a toddler whisperer because they wouldn't leave me alone haha. Apparently I'm the "cool,nice missionary". They were great though, we bonded over coloring books and fruit snacks. Once that church was over sister Larsen and I headed back down to south shore and then I stayed and went to our ward. Our less active and her kids all came to church so I watched over them during sacrament as well. Their mom said " Sister Seay you're like a baby Guru." Haha maybe this is Heavenly Father telling me to stop fearing children, just kidding kids are adorable. I love them now. We had a ward fast and then we all broke the fast after church with amazing food. I've had some of the best Spanish food of my life here. Mom you will never eat Spanish food the same ever again. Then we tried looking up some new investigators we met last week but none of them were home so we came back to the pad to start sister laytons packing! It's so weird to have your companion going home. But it's rough because all they talk about is home. Like shhh I still have a long time don't talk about home. It's a good thing I don't get homesick haha (sorry family, I still love you).

Well that was my week! Hope you enjoyed reading about my mission life as boring as it is sometimes. Hope you're all doing amazing and know I love and miss you all so much!! Pray we have some baptisms this next transfer. Here's to another wonderful transfer in south shore :) sister Deuel and I will kill it here, for the field is white and ready to harvest!

Love, Sister Seay

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