Monday, April 25, 2016

Guess what day it is...HUMP DAY!

Hello everybody!! Hope you all had a fabulous week and were able to accomplish everything you had to do. This week was pretty good, filled with lots of finding time but still really good.

Monday: Monday we didn't do much. Had a lesson with our family and it was really ] good. It was a really simple lesson but they seemed to have enjoyed it. Then they taught our this card game after FHE was over and it was so fun. It's called Spit. It's so hard!! You have to always be multitasking while battling the other person haha so fun.

Tuesday: We headed down to district meeting and it was good as always. After district meeting we just had finding for forever. We went to the park and cleaned out some of our area book and then went and talked to people in the park and then did phone games. We did so much finding this week so sorry my email won't be very exciting haha.

Wednesday: This morning we went to go meet with a referral we got from our zone leaders but turns out that their spring break is next week not this week so we weren't able to have a lesson but we did reschedule so that's a plus. Afterwards we had a lesson with the member we've been working with and she was ready with a ton of
questions for us. Thankfully we were able to answer them all with the restoration and the temple. Glad we were able to teach her and be able to help her knowledge and testimony grow. We did some more finding! Shocking I know but then we went up to Manhattan for English class.

Thursday: Service at Fort Green! :) we got to paint picnic tables today and that was so fun because I just love painting. Although I was painting underneath the table and I stood up and totally smacked my head. It hurt so bad haha but no concussion so you can all stop worrying ;) Once we were all cleaned up after service we went and visited  our investigator and had a great lesson with her about the Book of Mormon and the plan of salvation. She really enjoyed it and also a week ago she showed us a Jehovah Witness Bible that she had so we were super worried she was meeting with them but when we asked about the bible she said, "Oh no. I just tell them I'm 'too busy' but I really just don't like them" haha so she's not meeting with the Jdubs! Hooray! Mini miracles. :) Although she is leaving to Ecuador for three week this coming week so that's such a bummer! Ugh. We did a
ton of look ups in hopes that someone will still live there and be interested but sadly no one lived there still or didn't answer.... Shucks!
Empty New York?

Friday: Service at the senior center was pretty slow today but it was still really fun. So the people that help us serve the food are all people with special needs and they're so funny. One of the guys challenged one of our elders to a rap battle and it was honestly the funniest thing I've ever seen. He was good too!! Our poor elder had no chance. Then we drove all the way down to Far Rockaway to join the elders lesson because they said his wife was really interested. However when we got there and asked her to join the lesson she was not all! "Don't care. Don't care!" Good heavens. Sorry we traveled two hours to get here..... Once we finally got home we had weekly planning which isn't very hard to do now since most of our time is finding haha.

Saturday: We had correlation meeting with President Bond today and our member Talvin joined us. It was great to finally catch him up too speed about what has been going on. Once we were done with correlation meeting we were on our feet all day! :) I finally got my city legs and feet because I don't have any cuts on my feet. Success! We were able to get rid of a couple referrals but we did meet this super nice woman, she's a seventh day Adventist and firm in her beliefs but took one of our cards so that's a little tender mercy :) Then we went back to the park to contact more people and finished the night off with phone games. Whoop whoop.

Sunday: Church today was really good. We had a few of the high council speakers come to our ward so that was really nice to hear from them. One of our investigators had surgery recently and she was in a lot of pain so wasn't able to come to church but we're giving her a blessing on Tuesday so keep her in your prayers! Once church was finished we drove down to Staten Island and had a great lesson with a less active member. We also talked with her daughter who isn't a member and she loves us. Now to start teaching her is the key. But she's so cool! She was even a pastry student at the art institute of New York! We talked about food the entire night haha. Once we got home we had a lesson with our investigator who has doubts about Joseph Smith but believes in Thomas S. Monson. But we found out why she doesn't like Joseph Smith and it's because of the word of wisdom. She is very against it. So at least we know what the real concern about Joseph smith is. Hopefully we can get over this next hurdle.

Traditional 9 month photo haha

Anyways, I hope you all had a great week :) in other words of news I hit my half way point of my mission and I'm still in shock. Time goes by so fast out here on the mission. Crazy to think I said goodbye to all of you nine months ago!! So crazy. But the mission has been wonderful so far and I wouldn't trade anything for the things I've learned out here in New York. That you all for supporting me and encouraging me every week. Love you all! :)

Love, Sister Seay
And of course a dog photo!

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