Monday, May 2, 2016

Birthday and Subway Adventures!

Hello mis amigos y familia! Cómo estan? Just kidding I don't know Spanish who am I kidding. I would sign to you but I can't through email so you'll have to survive with my attempt of español. Hope you all had a wonderful week and everything is going well :) So I finally decided to add my MTC peps on here.. Sorry it took me 9 months to finally put you all on here.... Haha better late than never?

Monday: So today was a wonderful preparation day because we used our day to celebrate Sister Provards birthday which was on Saturday! I'm now officially the only ASL sister that isn't 20! Haha forever always the youngest. We started off with going to this crepe place down the street from our apartment and it was so good! Nothing brings the birthday happiness like crepes. Then Sister Provard wanted to get a pedicure and guess what.... It was her first one ever!! My mom and sisters are probably freaking out because that's how we actually spent time together haha. I felt so honored. We had our lesson tonight but not with the family only with our member and she is 18 and so faithful. She wanted us to help her study the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon and it was the most deep doctrine lesson on my entire mission. All of our minds were being blown from each other's comments. She asked us about the temple and her mom actually joined in on our lesson at that point and she said her ultimate goal was to go to the temple but knows she needs to be baptized but doesn't know what to do about her boyfriend that lives with her. Ugh. But she said she would pray and ask what to do.

Tuesday: Well we tried see someone this morning up in Manhattan and they canceled again! They decided to go to the store so they were still gone when we came. Then we had to go all the way down to Brooklyn for district meeting and it was good, nothing super crazy to report. Afterwards we had to go all the way back up to Harlem (top of manhattan) to visit our investigator who had surgery and wasn't doing well. The north elders were able to give her a blessing and afterwards she said she was feeling better already. The power of the priesthood is so real and I'm so grateful everyday that we have access to it. I've had so many wonderful experiences with priesthood blessings on my mission and I just love seeing gods hand help them. After our lesson with her we travelled 2 hours to visit a referral we received last Sunday and as we were walking up to her house she canceled. Uuuggghhhh so we had to travel all the way home. Understand we live at the very very top of queens and she lives at the very very VERY bottom of Coney Island (Brooklyn) so far but hey at least we tried.

Wednesday: This morning we were supposed to have service at prospect park in Brooklyn but while we were traveling there the trains stopped running because of a power outage! We weren't worried though because we could just take the bus there.... Well the bus never came haha so we walked 34 streets and 3 avenues and then walked through prospect park which is the biggest park in Brooklyn haha. It equals to about 2 miles. It took us forever and by the time we got there we only had 30 mins of service left. Awesome haha of course that would happen. New York transit... Got to love it :) then we went and had a lesson with the member we've been helping for awhile. She was in the hospital on Monday so we're happy she was feeling better enough to let us visit her. By the time our lesson was over the trains were working again thank goodness. Miracles happen everyday! We had one last lesson with our investigator for two weeks because she is going to Ecuador on vacation. :( we will miss her while she is gone. But it was a great lesson and even said she was going to pack her Book of Mormon with

Thursday: Nothing too fancy today. Had service at Fort Green park and got everything ready for their new tree trail they are opening up this weekend :) they thanked us by giving us pizza. Free food is seriously the best but I love helping at Fort Green is so nice to put on some pants and get your hands dirty and not having them getting dirty by the subway for once haha. Then we had weekly planning and we have a busy week this next week due to exchanges and the branch bqq. Then the rest of the night we just did phone games.

Friday: Service today was wonderful but no rap battles this time :( haha but it was great seeing everyone with smiles on their faces. Then we had to go drop off a bunch of supplies off at the Brooklyn chapel for our district leader. We had a lesson set us but she decided not to show up. Oh well we were able to use our time to do phone games and we met the sweetest woman and she has 7 kids!! We were able to teach her a little bit and she said we could meet with her again so we're keeping our fingers crossed :)

Saturday: Sister Provards birthday!!! I made her breakfast and she opened up her gifts it was super fun. Then we headed back down to Coney Island to visit that referral that canceled on us because she wanted to meet a different day and when we got there the security guard said she didn't live there.....? What? But we got talking to him and he is seriously so amazing. He had a heart attack, a stroke, and was in a coma and is still standing and back on his feet again after four years. His story was touch and we were able to testify to him and share a message with him. He was really interested and we gave him information so hopefully he finds the truth :) Then the referral texted us and told us to meet her up in Harlem so after we did some look ups we tried to meet her up there but she canceled on us again!! As we were on the street again.  But oh well it couldn't ruin the birthday sprit. We went to dinner at a restaurant Sister Provard has been dreaming of for forever, it was a Greek restaurant and pretty good. Yay happy birthday sister Provard!!! :)

Sunday: church was really good today and I always love listening to the members testimonies. We also were able to teach our investigator we gave a blessing to and she's doing a lot better but has another doctors appointment today(Monday) so keep her in your prayers. But while we were on the train today some subway dancers decided to pull the moves on sister Provard and I died laughing. I literally couldn't keep my composer. This is what is sister missionaries deal with everyday in New York. Enjoy the story. If you don't laugh I guess it was a had to be there moment. The best part was that he was shirtless the entire time, it just made the entire situation worse haha and
funnier. Dancer: You doin alright miss? Remember Jesus Christ loves you and I love you. *After the performance the dancer sits next to me and sis. Provard*

Dancer: Let's do some trivia. What's heavier, a pound of cotton or a pound of stone?
Provard: They're the same
Dancer: Oh snap she 1 for 1 okay. 2 for 2 what colors make the color blue?
Provard: None it's a primary color
Dancer: okay wow! You smart! 3 for 3 what countries are in North America?
Provard: Canada, United States and Mexico.
Dancer: Oh snap 3 for 3 she went to school, she graduated at 13,
college. Hey...I wanna take you on a date, do you like shrimp or fried chicken.
Dancers friend: Naw man she likes chocolate. Hint hint (the dancer was black)
Provard: I'm sorry Im a missionary.
Dancer: Me too.
Me: Really?
Dancer: Yeah we could go on a mission together, like Mr and Mrs smith.

Well I hope you all enjoyed reading this very long email as always and if not I hope you at least enjoyed looking at the pictures haha. It was a great week and I'm grateful we were able to meet some wonderful people this week and stayed busy. Why bring ourselves down when there's so many little things we can be happy about? I learned that this week. Anyways love and miss you all and hope you are all doing wonderful :) Have a great week! I'll talk to you on Sunday family via Skype! <3

Love, Sister Seay

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