Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Columbus Day is a real holiday?

Hello everyone! :) so this week has gone by so fast! Sister Deuel and I have done so much in just 7 days. Anyways enough with my lame introductions....

Monday: so I guess Columbus Day is a real holiday here in New York. Everything but the laundromat and the library was open, which was really inconvenient for sister Layton because she was going to mail home a ton of boxes full of clothes home. Then we went home for her to finish packing , I mostly just watched and listened to her freak out about going home. We had dinner at a members house that night and oh my.... We had Dominican Republic food. Delicious. I LOVE THE DIVERSE CULTURE!!! We had family home evening with our less active family and they're all doing so well. Her kids are so adorable and we taught them how to sing I am a child of God and they even performed it for us. Excuse me while my heart melts. As we were leaving the kids asked if we were coming back the next day and their mom said, "No but you'll see them on Sunday at church." Yay!!!! So much hope for this little family <3 
Tuesday: Transfer meeting. That's right everyone I officially survived my first transfer in the mission field. Six weeks goes by so much faster in the field than in the MTC. I was about to chew off my own arm to get out of the MTC it seemed like I was in there for that long, now I'm like holy moly six weeks is nothing. So early in the morning we sent off sister laytons packages and then headed to the mission office for transfer meeting. By the way our gps broke a few days ago so needless to say we got insanely lost on the way to the city. Thankfully we made it just in time for sister laytons meeting, pure luck and prayers being answered. Anyways transfer meeting is always wonderful because we get to hear from president Reynolds and his wife :) once the meeting was finished sister Deuel and I ran around doing some errands at the office because we probably won't be coming back for three months and headed back to the island. On our way home we stopped by at a deaf less actives house and had a lesson with her on going to church. We also stopped by a deaf referral that one of the zone leaders gave us, turns out they straight up followed her home to get her address haha. Thankfully she was actually interested haha man what some missionaries do to help us find deaf people.

Wednesday: Today we had district meeting and we were able to meet our new elder, elder Joo and he's a Korean. So cool. All our appointments fell through but we were able to contact them so hopefully we are able to meet with them soon. We tried looking up a girl we met awhile back who was going in for her second cochlear implant and it turns out we both had contact information and she has even tried contacting us! Crazy stuff. Our other two lessons that night got canceled so that was a bummer. Our ASL class went really well and one of our members brought her sister in law :) our lesson with our less active member fell through because she wouldn't answer the door, we just tried calling and calling her but no answer though we could hear her inside. Turns out later we discovered I was calling her dead son.... Oops. Then our other lesson after that one fell through as well but she rescheduled for next week so hopefully we have more luck later. Kinda a disappointing day but hey we all have bad and good days.
Thursday: Today was a total bust! Not going to lie sister Deuel and I were in the dumps. We had absolutely no success, like door after door was slammed in our faces. It was just hard because everyone in our mission is having miracles and we were seeing some and then it was like this giant crash. We just felt like we were being disobedient or something but we weren't. Also our investigator dropped us so that sucked but it's alright because we were thinking about dropping anyways. It's like when someone breaks up with you and you're like "well I was going to break up with you anyways!" Haha. I also got bit by a dog today haha so I guess I can check that off my bucket list. Yep right on my forearm. The only good thing about today was we were able to meet with our less active that we were supposed to see yesterday. I guess she's back to smoking six cigarettes but she still wants to have her goal of going to the temple so we're determined to help her! The rest of the night we went knocking and everyone was so harsh to us but whatever I guess it was "too late to visit" I don't know about you but I didn't know 7:30 was considered late. Sometimes we just need to remember that the elect people who are ready won't care what time it is! Okay pep talk over!

Friday: Today was such a better day! :) we started off the day with member look ups and we found the sweetest couple, they've tried to find the church before but couldn't find it so they started going to a different church. The wife has so much faith still and they want us to come back and do some service for them. Finally! People are so weird about service here in New York, no one will let us do service! Then guess what..... We found a new investigator!!! It was amazing that we found her she's the cutest mom ever and has been looking for a church to go to for awhile now, she even said (read this is a sassy black woman's voice) "oh I KNOW that my kids need Jesus." Haha I love her. We're going back to see her next week so hopefully all goes well! We tried looking up some other potential investigators but they all gave us wrong addresses or they didn't even exist. I hate when that happens but oh well! I'm just grateful we found a new investigator!!!! :)

Saturday: Let's see we had correlation meeting, did computer stuff, and visited someone who just had back surgery. That sums up our morning. Haha but we had a lesson with a young woman who doesn't have a testimony of Jesus Christ and Joseph smith and it went really well. We taught about the restoration and it was just so sad because as we're talking about how the gospel can bless families her parents are yelling at each other in the other room :( but she really opened up to us and we think she has a testimony she just doesn't know she has one. We're determined to help her though, she's just so dang cute. We had a lesson with our virtigo investigator and it went so well!!!! She's usually just relates everything we say back to her condition and has a pity party but this time she hardly said anything. She even said how our visits build her faith, she called us her angles and believes God sent us to her for a reason. Finally seeing some progress from her!! :) her mom was even listening into our lesson from a distance so who knows maybe we will teach her one day as well.
Sunday: The day has come... The day of DOOM. It snowed today.... It wasn't cold enough to stick though but still. It's already started... Oh the humanity. #pray4sisterseay church was good as always but sadly no deaf investigators this week :( oh well next week for sure! Then we had dinner at a members and they're a part member family. Her husband isn't a member but he was really interested when we shared our message. Who knows maybe we're softening his heart. We were going to have an investigator visit us at the church but they canceled so we ended up visiting an investigator who's mom just had back surgery. Then we just did some video phone calls but that was about it for our Sunday. Nothing to crazy.

Well that was my week everybody! The weeks are flying by I'm not even kidding. But it's almost Halloween (the best holiday ever) and I'm stoked!! We're planning our ward trunk or treat and it's so cute and we're going to have a blast. :) talk to you all on Monday love you!!!

Love, Sister Seay

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