Monday, February 15, 2016

Transfers :)

Hello everyone! So transfer calls were today and the verdict is...... I'm out!!! I'm headed to the city with sister Provard!! My good ol' MTC companion. I'm stoked, so I'll be headed to the deaf branch in
Manhattan. It will be one crazy week.

Monday: Today was really fun because we all got together as a district since it will probably be all of our last all together. We had a huge snowball fight at the church, the lawn at the church is HUGE the best place for a snowball fight. Then we just played board games and tried to warm up afterwards haha. We went to teach our less active family but she found out people were breaking into her house so her helped her watch security footage and go up into her attic to see if anything was missing from it. Call us Detective Seay and Deuel.
Tuesday: District meeting then we went to our old investigator and when we got there she told us she needed to cancel her baptism and by the way she was talking to us made it seem like she didn't want us to come back, but we were able to have an amazing lesson with her about the restoration again and the priesthood. She knows that the priesthood is real ever since her blessing so we're just trying to connect her to Joseph smith receiving that power. I guess we did something right because we had a really good lesson and she wanted to keep meeting with us and said she would come to church so I guess the spirit helped us say the right things. It seriously amazes me how we are just mouthpieces for the spirit. We are not the teachers, the Holy Ghost is. We are here to simple help with the work and to be instruments in gods hands. Then we went to Brentwood and our deaf member told us she was moving to the Dominican Republic for ONE YEAR!!!! It changed from a few months to a few weeks to one year! We were so sad, sister Deuel and I just started crying we were heartbroken that we won't be able to see her again on our missions. She leaves the 20th and were so depressed!!!

Wednesday: We had zone training meeting today which we didn't plan for, it was informed to us last minute so that was fun but it ended up being a really good meeting. Our zone leaders are the funniest pair of elders I've met but they know how to bring the spirit really well into our meeting, it was probably the strongest I've ever felt it in a meeting so I was really impressed. Then we went knocking and we found an amazing family! It was cool because at first she wasn't interested then once we started getting her talking she invited us in and she ended up setting up a return appointment with us :) MIRACLES! We also went to our wards family history relief society activity and I tried to help our deaf member find some names she's been looking for for 10 years and one name was SO close!!!! But one little detail was off and we were both so sad we got so excited haha. I will help her find these
names! I am so determined.
Thursday: Nothing special today just weekly planning but it's always weird planning the last week because one of us might not even be there for the next week haha. Then we went knocking and this week has been so cold! I can't even explain to you how awful the wind is. Thankfully a Puerto Rican lady let us in and we taught her but she wasn't super interested but accepted a Book of Mormon and the challenge to pray. Who knows maybe the words of those prophets will touch her heart.

Friday: We went back to the city again for sister Deuel's other doctors appointment which went well. I also took my drivers "test" so now I can officially drive a mission vehicle in New York City! Terrifying right??? Haha pray for me everyday. We had dinner with two members tonight and let me just say my love for Dominican food is unfathomable. They even told me how to make it so everybody needs to watch out when I'm back in Utah I'll be making all kinds of weird foreign foods. You'll all love it haha.
Saturday: So we went knocking ALL day today, not even an exaggeration. Plus on top of that it was -17 degrees because of the wind so that just made everything even better. And no one let us in so my heart goes out to the Russian missionaries. I would die. I'm such a complainer haha I'm so sorry. But I never said I didn't love being a missionary so it's all worth it in the end. The rest of the day we just contacted all of our deaf people and it really good because we had a lesson with our new deaf investigator and it's weird how accepting she is but we're rolling with it haha.

Sunday: Happy Valentines Day! Hope you all had an amazing day. Church was good and we also went to Brentwood to interpret for our deaf kids but it was the Spanish ward so we had one of the Spanish elders translate so we could translate into ASL. The ASL program always keeps things interesting. Afterwards we did our studies then went back out knocking. But.... Because of the holiday many people didn't answer.. I don't recommend knocking on Valentine's Day... You hear some strange stuff. Life as a missionary is so weird. (See picture below haha just helping these New Yorkers)
Well that's all for now! Stay tuned for more missionary things from Sister Seay! Because you know I just do super exciting things and all. Just kidding I do amazing things everyday! Seeing people's lives
change everyday is honestly the best thing ever. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else :) Love and miss you all.

Love, Sister Seay

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