Monday, February 8, 2016

Call me the Witch Doctor

Hello everybody!! Wow this week flew by I can't even believe it, this transfer has flown by as well. It's already the last week, stay tuned next week to see if sister Deuel and I will be separated or not haha. Sister Deuel says that we can't possibly get any closer. Also I'm sorry if you still aren't receiving my emails... Our emails still aren't working but hey there is always snail mail :)

Monday: Well some drama went down with the sister training leaders which is way too complicated to explain but I swear on the mission with sisters it's like a high school clique that you CANT escape. So awful haha. Nothing too exciting happened today, we went knocking because our little less active family canceled but then we saw our other less active and turns out her and her son were both sick so I gave them some doterra oils and they were cracking me up, they loved them so much. I guess I'm the witch doctor of the mission now

Tuesday: We had district meeting which is always an interesting time now that we are combined with the Spanish district haha I love them all so much. We had a lesson with our old investigator today and
taught her about the 10 commandments and really focused on the godhead and why we don't pray to Mary and keeping the Sabbath day holy so that WE WILL COME TO CHURCH!! Hopefully she understood and that we solved her concerns, I honestly never understood the trinity but oh well I'm just glad that we have the fullness of the gospel. :) Then of course we had our Brentwood day and we took our member with us to get ice cream for her birthday because next week she is leaving to the Dominican Republic :( boo, but then she came with us to go see our two other deaf kids and that was a miracle in itself because she hasn't wanted to come teaching with us for a long time.

Wednesday: Manhattan!! So we went to the city because sister Deuel had a doctors appointment which I didn't really complain about, the city is so cool. We also got a new car for the next week because our will be in the shop...lame! Then we went to do look ups and we went the most north our mission can go so that was really cool. I love being an ASL missionary because not only do we teach the coolest people in the coolest language but unlike most missionaries we see our entire mission :) ASL has its perks.

Thursday: Today was weekly planning and deep clean so we were inside most of the day but then our appointment for the night canceled so we had three hours of knocking...yay? To be honest knocking is awful but when we have successful nights like today it is amazing!! So as a mission we supposed to plant 30 "seeds" everyday as a companionship and we planted 30 and sister Deuel and I got a referral in Spanish AND we knocked on one ladies door and as soon as she saw us she started crying and telling us how her stepdad passed away that morning and how she knew God sent us to her. Needless to say we are going back next week to discuss with her more. SO AMAZING!! I love the miracles we see everyday as missionaries, it's nice to know Heavenly Father knows each of his children and will put us in their path at just the right time.

Friday: This morning we were surprised with another snow storm but thankfully it wasn't as bad as last time but we still had to wait till the roads were plowed which they didn't do our street till last. But
we did have apartment checks which we passed except for the fire alarms and Carbon monoxide detectors (haha remember that story?) But then we drove to Plainview to do look ups and teach our member who lives all the way out there. We were supposed to have our exchange today with the sister training leaders but something came up so we ended up going on a two hour exchange. I went with sister Robinson to a YSA activity out on the end of the island and it was crazy. I wouldn't mind serving in a YSA, seems like a blast but also super hard work since they are limited to age. We couldn't stay very long though because we had to exchange back but it was still nice going with sister Robinson :) she's so cute.

Saturday: Today turned out to be the complete opposite of what we had planned! Funny how the Lord works right? First of all we were supposed to be on our exchange so all that changed and the plans we decided to do the night before changed as well. This morning we went and helped our ward clean the church, which is actually really easy so if you don't help clean the church please go help! It's seriously so much easier with so many people. Then we tried to go see our old investigator but she was sleeping but it turned out okay because then we randomly got asked to help some ward members move stuff out of their attic. Then we got a text from our two deaf members asking about dinner and we thought our dinner appointment with them was next week so we had to quickly drive home change and then drive all the way out to Hampton bays. Dinner was amazing and the food was delicious. I even got to help sister Sorace with genealogy (goodness I'm turning into my mom, family history is just so fun!) Afterwards we randomly stopped by our less active family to see them since we didn't on Monday which is always good :)

Sunday: We had church and ward council today which was really good because we set our ward goals for us missionaries. So now we have goals to work with so that's good! After church we did our studies then we went knocking before the Super Bowl started but no one wanted to talk to us because either everyone was gone to a Super Bowl party or was having a super bowl party. So then we went to our less actives family house to help them clean and get organized so that they have no excuse not to come to church next week :) It was a good time and the branch president from the Manhattan deaf branch was messaging us the Super Bowl score all night haha. So congrats to all those Broncos fans
out there (sister Deuel was so happy!)

Hopefully you all don't have food comas from all your super bowl parties! Love and miss you all :)

Love, Sister Seay

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