Monday, January 25, 2016

There are souls to save!

Goooooodddd mmmooorrrrnning everybody :) hello once again. Just to let you know we survived the blizzard. More on that later! See below 
Monday: Nothing too fancy today, just got a hair cut and went to the church to hang out with our district. Some of our appointments fell through but we had an amazing lesson with our less active family about being little missionaries now. We printed off little name tags for them and they were so cute because they were so excited to write their names on it and to tell our their friends haha. They melt my heart.

Tuesday: We had district meeting and we did it via FaceTime because the carpets at our church were being cleaned so we had to have all the sisters at our house and all the elders together in one house. It was really distracting because all the sisters were talking and I couldn't focus. Oh well. Learn and improve. Afterwards we had a sisters lunch and I made crepes as always #sodelicious Then we went to our old investigator and we had the big Word of Wisdom lesson and when we told her she had to stop smoking to be baptized she said "Okay, I'll stop cold turkey tomorrow!" She melts my heart every time we see her. We also had our Brentwood day which went really well but it was so sad because our investigator said he would go to church but not without an interpreter and we were stuck on that so... We need to figure out this entire Bayshore moving thing really quick.

Wednesday:  Today we had an amazing opportunity to watch a world wide missionary training which was really cool because they haven't had one like it in 10 years. Wow. They focused a lot on preach my gospel and working with less active members and recent converts. I thought it was a really good refresher. Then we had a great lesson with our investigator outside and it was so great because all of her distractions we're gone so she was able to open up to us so much. Now we just have to teach the big law of chastity lesson and somehow convince her to move out of her boyfriends house... Yay. We also had a lesson over FaceTime with our new investigator it was weird having a first lesson over FaceTime but it went really well and it's so amazing to see how technology can help with the work.

Thursday: This morning was so amazing because we went over to our old investigators house with Brother Crowther to give her a priesthood blessing and it went to well. To be honest were always hesitant to take members because we never know how it will turn out but it was too perfect. At the end of the blessing she was crying and said she just felt so warm and peaceful. <3 by far the sweetest thing I've seen on my mission. Then we weekly planned a little before Zone training meeting and this meeting was put together really well. They of course talked a lot about the new weekly planning and also being willingly obedient and not obeying out of duty. I guess a lot of people have been tearing themselves down especially since all the new rule changes. I liked it though because it was a more motivating and not a chastisement to be more obedient and better.

Friday: Alright so I've been out six months.... Gag me. 1/3 of my mission already finished. Ew. I don't want to even think about it anymore! ANYWAYS! Today we spent the day at the ranch because they needed all the help they could because there is supposed to be a huge snow storm coming our way so that was crazy and freezing! But there was a deaf woman there! Say wwwhhhaaaaa too bad she wasn't interested but it was still cool. Then of course we had ASL class and we talked about colors and clothing and played this game where we showed one person a picture and they had to describe the clothes the person was wearing haha always a good time during ASL class

Saturday: BLIZZARD!! Well we woke up this morning and there was a raging blizzard outside our door and president Reynolds informed us that we couldn't drive, no exceptions. So us being our dumb selves we decided to go outside and walk, we ended up walking like 12 miles in the knee high snow. So awful. Pretty sure I went mentally insane from all the snow for a good 30 minutes, don't even worry about it haha. Why sister Deuel made me go outside when we were advised to stay inside we will never know. But other than that we were snowed in and couldn't leave our apartments again! We tried to have some lessons over FaceTime but our internet stopped working.... Silly Satan... 

Sunday: So church was canceled due to the snow and we had more orders to stay inside and off the road unless we had service. Sister Deuel and I had our own little church meeting then we went and helped the stake president with the elders to go shovel the snow at the church after we shoveled ourselves out of our apartments haha. Never had to shovel snow before so that was an interesting experience. I also learned today that icicles are very sharp, don't ask me how I came to know that haha. Our internet was back up and running so we had a few lessons over the video phone so we stayed busy, although we're ready to get back out and work after being stuck inside for two days straight. Good thing sister Deuel and I like each other or this could have been one interesting email haha.

Well that's all for now and we shouldn't be having another blizzard anytime soon so that's good news! I promise I will write you all next week :) stay safe and WARM. I see that it's like 50 degrees in st. George and in the 60s in California. You all are so lucky, I'll just casually sip my hot chocolate and swat away the haters. You all know you want to be sister Deuel and I. The best duo in the New York New York south mission!

Love, Sister Seay
What we are saying in the video:
“The Standard of Truth has been erected; no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done.” 

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