Monday, August 8, 2016

Good things end too soon

Hello my humans! ❤️ wow this last transfer has seriously FLOWN by! I can't believe we are already here again with transfer news, well.... drum roll please....*drums rolling in the distance* I'm.....  IN! And sister Deuel is coming back here to the city to finish her mission :) yay two more transfers with sister Deuel! I've missed her so much. 
We've had a really great week so far and were able to put one person on a baptismal date and one of our other baptism dates we pushed back a little bit due to her work schedule. But hey at least she didn't just opt out completely, she still wants to be baptized so that's good news!

Due to our fellow ASL elder leaving 💔, Elder Clair, we have been so blessed with food! Now I'm serious when we say the ASL program here in the city never gets fed. But we got fed 7 times this week! An ASL program record! Some were unplanned but hey food is food. We had great services this week at the parks and senior center but we also went and helped the park slope district this Saturday to help set up for a community party, somehow I got dragged into face painting and all my high school theater days came rolling back into my mind. It was so fun, and seeing little kids smile that much over their face becoming a lion or butterfly is the cutest thing ever. I've been studying a lot about how we need to become as a little child in the scriptures and children truly are the best examples, so willing and forgiving, so submissive and loving. We truly are so lucky to have so many little
examples around us everyday.

Well our teacher for relief society fell through so naturally me and sister Nash took over and it's funny how we can pick any topic in the church and we choose the law of chastity haha! But there is a reason other than its our favorite topic ;) it was really good to have input from our members to teach one of our investigators who was there. She...was a little too open about past transgressions so that was awkward. But it was so good because our Sunday school topic was eternal marriage which tied in perfectly and really helped all our investigators who came to church.

Ive learned so much from these last six weeks especially from sister Nash, good heavens it almost doesn't seem fair to be split up but Heavenly Father knew it was too good to last haha. The number one thing I learned this transfer was obedience, not that I was disobedient but learning to know the difference between obedience out of duty and willingly obeying. Sister Nash and I have seen countless of miracles which has completely changed our teaching pool here in the city. I'm so grateful I was able to witness it and still be able to see all the things in store here. :) Other thing I learned was that there is a balance for working hard and being diligent but still having fun. My district has taught me that and it's been so great serving with all of them. It's so sad to see two great elders move onto the other side but they'll do great things at home. Our district has been one of my favorites and it truly was inspired for all of us to be there. Every single person needed to be there for someone else, not to mention our district unity has been incredible to watch and see how much we have all grown this transfer. This district will be one I remember forever and being companions with sister Nash. Gosh I just love them all!

I love you all and hope you are all doing well. I'm excited for what this next transfer of learning and growing does for me. :) stay tuned till next week for more adventures from sister Seay and sister Deuel!

Love, Sister Seay

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