Monday, August 1, 2016

Facebook, exchanges, and lessons oh my!

Hello everyone! :)

This week was super jam packed and busy yet I have no crazy stories to tell. Weird how that works out. As you all probably know now my mission has been authorized to use Facebook to hasten the work here in New York but just as reminder please don't message me on Facebook, but I would love an email from you all :) but please feel free to like, comment, share and everything else. Also congrats to the 20 billion people I didn't know got married. We had a zone training meeting this week but it was only about Facebook and training for it. I'm a little nervous for it but I'm also really excited, it will really help so much if we use it the right way. It will just be up to us as missionaries to be disciplined but I'm so grateful Heavenly Father have provided these tools for us to reach out to all his children.  

Monday was actually super fun! All the sisters in my zone got together at the church and played soccer, ate pizza and just got to know each other. For once I feel so united with all my zone sisters and I just adore them all so much now. Also I became a cheerleader haha picture below! I even surprised myself for how willing I was to let these girls throw me into the air haha! Today we're doing a district activity and we're going bowling! So if I don't email you all back today I will next week :)

We had exchanges this week with the sister training leaders which went really well. For the first half I was with sister Shiobara. We didn't have any appointments so we went contacting in the park. I'm proud to say I am confident in saying the church name in Spanish now haha. There were so many Spanish people and also so many people playing this weird Pokemon go game. Its ruining everything. One of our stake presidents even sent out a email concerning the game. It's crazy, even our investigator was playing it at church. We're super confused about what it is but it's everywhere here. The second half I was with sister Robinson and she's a doll. It was my last exchange with her because she goes home next week. She's been my longest sister training leader because I was with her in Long Island as well. We just did some look ups went to service with the other zones :) it was super fun. 

The best thing that happened this week was a lesson with our "permagator" aka she's been investigating the church for almost two years now. But we had a really powerful lesson with her about following the saviors example. She had some concerns but we put those at ease. This past weeks she's been living the word of wisdom and reading the Book of Mormon everyday but the best thing about this lesson was that she finally accepted a baptismal date. For September 4th! She picked it out herself and everyone was in tears. I'm so grateful I've been able to teach her and get to know her. Now sister Nash and I need to do everything we can to help her reach her goal. It was the best miracle! I'm still is shock and so happy!

Well that's really it for now this week. Sorry there wasn't too much to report but know I love and miss you all so much. It's the last week of the transfer so expect a change next week!!! :) so exciting.

Love, Sister Seay

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