Monday, August 29, 2016

Law of chastity lesson #849585737229229

Hello friends and family! Can't believe I'm already emailing again, the days just go by so fast! It was a pretty good week I have to say.

So I went to the temple on Tuesday! It was amazing and I'm so grateful my mission is able to have one so close and be able to go. My group was super small so we were able to spend a lot of time in the celestial room which was a blessing. I just love the New York temple for so many reasons but the biggest one is that in the midst of one of the craziest cities in the world where it's always loud and constantly going there's a temple that is one of the most peaceful places. You can literally shut the world behind you. If you haven't gone to the temple or haven't gone recently please go! I was able to complete two more family name here in New York thanks to sister morales helping me :) it's wonderful seeing so many of my family members work being accomplished here.

This week we've taught the law of chastity countless of times. Almost all of our lessons we're about the law of chastity this week and we even taught Sunday school on the law of chastity haha. Funny story about this Sunday school lesson was that a less active member stood up during our lesson and pointed at the board and said "listen I'm not married and I'm pregnant. I broke the law of chastity, don't be like me!" All the missionaries just died and laughed at how brutally honest and blunt deaf people are. But miracles story about one of our law of chastity lessons is that after we taught it to one of our investigators she stated living it right away! Wow what a miracle she had her boyfriend sleep at her house a lot of the time but she stopped that day. Yay!

Nothing super exciting happened, just trying to keep teaching all our people and helping them continue to progress. Our area and people are doing really well and I'm so grateful. Literally all our promising investigators are from the Dominican Republic, they're so amazing and have such our hearts. We also had a missionary come home from his mission this last week in our branch so we're super excited for him and his excitement to help the branch. Well that's about it for now, just know I love and miss you all :) gotta run now because we're headed off to a district activity. I'll write you next week!

Love, Sister Seay

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