Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Welcome to Brooklyn!

Hello everyone! Well incase you forgot I'm writing today because I'm going to the temple today for my year mark anniversary trip! So stoked! It's a month late but hey I'm not complaining, weird to think it's been 6 months since I last went. Which is even weirder that I won't be going for myself until the week before I go home. Ew that makes me ill. Anyways I'm not super sure how much I'll be able to write you back today but I'll try my best :)

This last week was pretty good! We had interviews with President Reynolds which is always a blessing, we only get so many interviews with him so I soak up every minute I have with him. I feel like half the time he thinks I'm struggling with some of the things he says haha he cracks me up, he probably thinks I'm too hard on myself but I
promise I'm not at all! Or he's trying to prepare me for the next few months? Oh good heavens.... President what are you trying to say??? Have some mercy! Haha. We also got to see Sister Reynolds and she is just the highlight of my day. She is the definition of Christlike, like honestly.

We also had Zone training meeting this week which went really well, sister Deuel gave a workshop on teaching when we find and she was fantastic. A+ for sister Deuel. Our zone has been doing really well hitting our goals except for our lesson goals so we're having a really big emphasis on teaching more lessons especially when we're out and about finding. So many more miracles are in store for our zone I can feel it, I remember a few meetings ago our zone leaders challenged us to have two member presents a week and at first the ASL program was like they're legit crazy if they think we can hit that, which isn't a lot but we have our struggles in the ASL program, although it's been a miracle to watch and the difference it brings to our lessons! I guess they do know what they're talking about ;) nah I love my zone leaders they're great, I love them all past to present.

Miracle: We saw this week was while we were doing phone games was we met this woman who recognized us immediately and got so excited. Turns out she met with missionaries years ago and when she moved here to New York she lost contact with the church, she was so excited to see us again and set up an appointment for this week! Say what? So cool. I'll keep you all posted on that.

Crazy story of the week: We were at service at fort green this week and while we were pulling weeds we saw a deaf couple signing in the car! So naturally we threw off our gloves and starting talking to them, so cool! But anyways a few minutes later someone was assaulted a few yards away from us. Like who attacks someone in the middle of the day?! There are no rules here in New York, welcome to Brooklyn everyone haha.

Some updates on our people, our one investigator who wanted to be baptized in three weeks is super hard to contact this last week. Her phone was shut off so it's been nearly impossible to reach her. We're still trying our best though and doing everything we can to help her reach her goal, even if it's push back a week or two. Stay tuned! Then another one of investigators was having a bad day or something (at least I hope) because she was so irritable and just kept firing question after question to us. It was so strange and I've never seen her like that. So weird! I'm still uneasy about what happened with her.

Well nothing much else happened, I'm actually surprised how long this weekly is because nothing super crazy happened haha. Well just know I love and miss you all like always. I'll be sure to send pictures next week of the temple! Talk to you all soon! :)

Love, Sister Seay

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