Monday, February 22, 2016

Me and the ginger

Hello from the big city!! Let me be the first to tell you that the city is VERY different from Long Island, I miss the people so much already but I'm sure I will love it here in no time. Also I'm writing today because sister Provard and I have our anniversary temple trip today! Whoop whoop. Even though it's a month late haha so if I don't write you back this week I promise I will next week, I just don't have a ton of time today.

Monday: Last day in south shore :( So SAD!! We didn't do much because I was packing all day and doing laundry and getting everything ready. Then we went and said goodbye to our little less active family :((((( The kids were so sad and her son said "I'm gonna punch sister Nash in the face!" Haha hopefully he doesn't!
Tuesday: This morning we had transfer and made the official switch! It's so weird not being with sister Deuel anymore!!! It okay at least I still get to see her around. On the way home though we accidentally drove to New Jersey haha oops....road trip? But it took us over an hour to get back that we missed our appointment but it worked out because our new zone leaders needed help taking their stuff to their apartment. I felt so bad for them because they are starting a new area as zone leaders and they also didn't have a phone! Haha I was in culture shock with how different the city is. Such a different pace.

Wednesday: Well we kicked off my first day in the city with district meeting. I have to quickly adjust to only doing ASL so we will see how that goes. Oh well I think the city will really help me improve my ASL. At least I hope so haha. We had a lesson with this super cute old couple who are confined to their house but their signing style was so difficult! We had to spell out almost every word. Goodness my brain hurt so bad after that lesson. Then we went to Manhattan for English class and taught all our deaf people how to read and write English :) I got to meet some members so that was really cool.
Thursday: Today was interviews with president Reynolds which went amazing :) he is such an amazing man and give so much advice I love it. I always look forward to meeting with him and talking to sister Reynolds while we wait. Then we weekly planned which was super difficult because I didn't know ANYBODY so I couldn't really help plan haha (you go sister Provard *high five*) We tried meeting with some investigators but they all weren't home but thankfully we called them over the vp and had a few lessons. Hooray for technology. Fun fact I learned to never EVER thought the elevator doors in project buildings... I guess people pee in the elevators all the time. Excuse me while I grab my hand sanitizer and put it all over me.

Friday: This morning we had service and what we do is we basically serve food to the Chinese community haha. It was a ball though we had so much fun. And afterwards they gave us lunch SCORE! We had a lesson at McDonald's with our investigator but she ended up not coming so
that was a bummer but we did see a crazy homeless man washing his clothes in the sink so that's New York for ya.
Saturday: My feet KILL! Good heavens haha the city is just wearing me out and breaking me down. We walked all over Manhattan today doing look ups. We also had correlation meeting today and our meetings are combined with the north mission so I got to see elder bell from the MTC so that was pretty nifty. But yeah we spent all day looking up people so nothing too much to report.
Sunday: Branch council was this morning which was really good and then we had church and I met so many members! All of which were deaf except for a handful. Going to a full deaf church was really different but really nice except for when I sit down at sacrament and discover I'm giving a talk haha lol at my life. I was the last speaker and there wasn't a ton of time left so I just explained who I was and shared my testimony. Short, simple and to the point. The rest of the night we did phone games and just tried to talk to as many people as we could. We also called all our investigators who didn't show up to church which of course they all gave us ridiculous excuses (deaf people love
doing that haha) but we met some promising people so we shall see what happens!

Monday: Today we had a few lessons set up but they all fell through so
we did look ups for days! We can't go knocking because we are full ASL so we work with a ton of former investigators and referrals. I've noticed that it's really hard to get into apartment buildings because you have to be buzzed in and when you buzz their apartment they can't hear the buzzer so you can't get in!! The struggles of being ASL. Haha but we always find a way!
Well that's pretty much it from me! Sorry I forgot to tell you guys I was writing today, to be honest I thought my temple trip was next week oh well I'm not complaining. Love and miss you all! Enjoy that super warm weather st. George. The weather has been warming up and I know it's Heavenly Father answering my prayers!! Haha also on a more spiritual note I finished the Book of Mormon again this week and just wanted to let you know that this church is true. No doubt in my mind. I hope you can all read from the Book of Mormon and feel it's power as you read. And if you haven't felt it I invite you to. I can sit here and tell you all day that it's true but it won't matter if you don't know for yourself :) so I invite you to do that. Love you all!!

Also here is my new address for all of you people!!

21-06 33rd st. Apt. A8 Astoria, NY 11105

Love, Sister Seay

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