Monday, February 29, 2016

A bird pooped on my head...that was cool

Hello hello once again from your New Yorker! This week was amazing, the week just flew by. I can't believe I'm already writing you all again. Sorry again if I didn't write you back last week I didn't have
much time to write.
Tuesday: Temple day! <3 oh my it was absolutely beautiful, I can't even explain it. You go from roaring city life to a feeling of such peace and relief. Something all of us missionaries needed. Something amazing also happened that me and the other sisters in my group helped me do five family names :) I've been able to see all of their work done here in the Manhattan temple and that really is so amazing to witness. By the time we got home our day was about over but we had a lesson with our investigator and she was going crazy about these dreams she's been having about spirits and so many other crazy things, she was trying to make us google what it meant haha! Deaf people are so weird but I love them. We taught her the plan of salvation and it seemed to help her so we shall she if she continues to have these crazy dreams.

Wednesday: Today was an awesome day because we were able to set up a temple date with one of the members we've been working with, she is going to the temple for baptisms this Saturday and then hopefully she will receive her endowments in April :) and then when we went to ASL class one of our investigators was there and we were able to have a lesson with her and she accepted a baptismal date. Blessings! English class went well and it's always a good time to help our deafies :)
Thursday: This morning was super stressful because our entire schedule got flipped around within 10 minutes but thankfully it all worked out. We had district meeting which was really inspiring our district leader did a really great job. Then we went and interpreted for a less active member we've been working with but while we were in the waiting room we were able to have a lesson with him. Bonus :) then we had service at fort green park and we had to put wind nets on the tennis courts and let me tell you how difficult it is to put up wind nets when it is already super windy haha. Somehow we accomplished the job though thank goodness. But I had a bird poop on my head so......that was an
adventure....I also got to FaceTime my little less active family and they all just ripped my heart out. Whhhhhyyyyy her kids just want to come visit me in the city haha. I love them all!

Friday: We had service once again at the senior center and it just makes me laugh at how particular old people are about their food haha goodness gracious. Oh well I'm really grateful that we have two
service opportunities every week :) Weekly planning took the rest of our day and we called a few people but other than that nothing much else to report.
 Saturday: Today was really cool so we started our day off a little later because we had to wait for our senior couple to come do apartment checks which we passed with flying colors (now maybe my mom
will stop yelling at me? Haha never!) once we were all done we rode the ferry out to Staten Island which was really cool because it passes right by lady liberty herself :) but after our two hour commute out there all of our lessons and lookups fell through....awesome. The rest of the night we did look ups but guess what the famous charging bull is right outside of the Staten Island ferry so I got a picture with that as well.. Oh yeah.  We also got to walk by the 9/11 fountains so that was really neat. I would kill to go to the museum but one day....

 Sunday: Church was awesome as always, we didn't have as many people there as we excepted but we shall work on that. A full deaf church is still so different. We also found out today that a member we've been trying to help go on a mission finally finished all of her doctors and medical papers so now just one or two more things and they will be sent to salt lake! So exciting. We also had a lesson with a deaf woman we met the other day and after we taught her the restoration she went on to tell us how she wants to change her life and be better for her kids and it was such a blessing for sister Provard and I. Heavenly Father is too good to his missionaries sometimes.

Well everyone I hope you all had a fantastic week and are staying busy :) I can't believe February is already over!! Time goes by too quick. Just know I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! I'm seriously in awe in how amazing my mission is. As crazy as these New Yorkers are they have a piece of my heart. Talk to you all next week :) Love you all!

Love, Sister Seay

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