Tuesday, March 8, 2016

NYPD saves the day

Good Morning everyone!! :) what day it is to be here serving in New York! It's been a great week so you're in for a treat.

Monday: Nothing much to do here in Astoria. We live out in the boonies so we aren't by other missionaries so it's just us two out here. We just emailed and chilled haha then we went and taught a part member family for family home evening and it went really well. We taught them the story of Esther and how we need to stand up for our beliefs. There is one particular daughter that LOVES to argue so that was interesting but it was still a great lesson.
Tuesday: District meeting. We were able to receive some really good ideas for our investigators and how we can help them so we are really excited to start applying those throughout our next couple lessons. Then we went and taught this old couple (the ones who don't really know sign language and are going blind) well we talked to them about faith and showing their faith. We invited them to read one verse of scripture everyday even though their eyes are going bad. I know Heavenly Father will help them if they truly want to read His word. Then we drove two hours to far rock away to visit our investigator because she won't come to church because it's far. So we didn't want her to think that anymore because if it's hard for us to go visit her in person than she can use that excuse of it's too far. But she was supposed to be home and she wasn't....awesome. But we were able to leave her a Book of Mormon and other materials she wanted :) so that's good we were able to do that.

Wednesday: Our morning started early because we had to go help our investigator file a police report, we thought we were going over there to have a lesson but turns out she just needed our help. We were able to sneak a lesson in there as we were walking to the police station though. Oh yeah.... We also met with our investigator who is amazingly smart. SHE KNOWS REVELATION BETTER THAN I DO! She was quoting scripture people. Deaf people just don't do that. It blew my mind. But she accepted a baptismal date and I have a lot of hope for her *knock on wood*.  We had English class again tonight and one of our investigators came! Our investigator who lives upstate, that was a
miracle. We were able to teach the her and she also accepted a baptismal date. It was a really wonderful day filled with tender mercies.

Thursday: We had service at fort green park again and it was cold because of the wind but it was fine. We cleaned up a bunch of mud and dirt from the rain and I was shocked how much dirt was everywhere. After service we were waiting for the train and all of a sudden an undercover cop runs past us, no big deal right? But then literally 50 cops come running down the stairs and tackle this guy! Someone said he had a gun haha wow. Good ol NYPD saving the day. We had weekly planning and let me tell you it's really hard to plan for your investigators if they aren't meeting with you! Little punks. We WILL visit them this week.

Friday: Service at the senior center :) then we went and helped the zone leaders take supplies and packages to their apartment (geez these city missionaries using us for our car haha) goodness we save their butts all the time, oh well I'm happy to help. We just did look ups in park slope and that was about it.
Saturday: Today was amazing! We were  able to go to the temple with the member we've been working with and she was able to do baptisms :) Sister Provard and I didn't get to do baptisms because we didn't have family names but it's okay we were able to help the temple workers which was really fun :) we had a lot of members for the deaf branch going for the first time. And three of them were the elders recent converts. The deaf branch is growing and I love all these deaf people. Deaf baptisms are the coolest thing I have ever seen. Afterwards we had an appointment with our investigator but she said she was busy but we were able to have a quick lesson with her so that was good but it's not good that she isn't coming to church or having legit lessons with us. But we did go visit our new investigator and she is so prepared. We had a lesson about the plan of salvation and it was one of the best lessons I've had. We testified of eternal families and of the restoration and she said she wants to know it's true. We even accepted a baptismal date. I don't think I've ever extended a baptismal date on the second lesson. I swear we've always waited till at least the third time we meet with them. Oh well it was amazing.

Sunday: Church was good as always and fast and testimony meeting at the deaf branch is a special experience. Sister Provard and I were really bummed when none of our investigators showed up to church though. Something needs to change! Just need to work harder!

Well that's my week here. Hopefully you all enjoy reading about my adventures! Hope everything is going well with you all :) love and miss you all!

Love, Sister Seay

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