Monday, March 14, 2016

Hello friends and family! It's been one interesting week (well interesting for a missionary at least) hopefully you all enjoy reading it at least!

Monday: Nothing much to do here so we went to the library and looked up some things to do here so hopefully we can actually do something with ourselves here on preparation days haha. However we did have an amazing lesson with our part member family. There daughters are members but one daughter is tired of the same old simple doctrine so me and her went into some DEEP doctrine about the plan of salvation. We also somehow got onto the subject of religion and science so that was an interesting lesson. Sister Provard taught the rest of the family and it was a great lesson and they had so many questions and were so focused on the lesson. So wonderful.

Tuesday: This morning we had a mission wide conference call andpresident and sister Reynolds spoke with us about diligence and obedience. After they spoke they told us they recently sent home missionaries this last week due to inappropriate relationships between elders and sisters so they gave us more rules about elders and sisters. Nothing drastically changed but crazy to think, but it will
be good! :) Afterwards we had district meeting and just discussed our investigators and about the new rule changes. We spent the rest of the day doing look ups in Richmond Hill.

Wednesday: Today we spent the day out in Brooklyn and it was such a good day because spring is finally here people! Yes, I survived a New York winter. I know I surprised myself. We had english class tonight and our investigator showed up again and we were able to have a lesson with her afterwards and I think it really helped her. We were able to find her concerns and set up expectations so it was really good to see where she was at in her progression.

Thursday: Once again we interpreted for our less active but now he is officially done with all his uber stuff. We had service at fort green park again and we are still doing storm clean up so we had to shovel all the dirt off of the sidewalks. Always a good time when you're doing service. Especially when you convince your zone leader elder Voorhees to eat a worm. Haha let me tell you if you put cookies on the table, elders will do anything. We were supposed to have lessons with our investigators but they bailed so we simply weekly planned. Hooray for planning.

Friday: We had zone training meeting and it was honestly the best meeting I have been too. All the training and the workshops flowed so well together. The sprit was so strong and it made me really motivated to tackle the streets of New York. One sister said something really profound when we were talking about fears when talking to people she said, "either it will go well, or it will be a great story to tell". After ZTM we quickly drove out to Staten Island to have a lesson with a less active members and we found out she has never been to the deaf branch! Crazy! But as we were driving home I had the thought to use her vp number for phone games and we saw a miracle! It was 9:45 and she called us back as we were planning but we decided to answer and as soon as we answered she started thanking us and God. She told us she's been praying to God for a long time now to receive help to change her life and then we called her and she told us she knew we were the answer to her prayers. Such a miracle and a blessing.

Saturday: This morning we went and taught our investigator about baptism because for whatever reason she won't accept a baptism date. So me being my naive don't know everyone yet just went straight for it haha I'm sorry I just wanted to know her concern! But hey we found out she is just waiting for a confirmation from Heavenly Father before she gets baptized. Totally understandable. But then she gave us lunch (authentic Chinese food I must say) and we discovered some word of
wisdom problems.....yep. Tea and coffee. I felt so bad when we had to decline the tea. Then we went to our other appointment with the branch president and his wife for waffles. We are working with his wife to help her go to the temple so they can be sealed. Once that was finished we had the adult session of stake conference to interpret for, which went really well. On the train home though we decided to talk to this couple and I was talking to the wife while sister Provard talked to the husband. Now let me tell you these people were crazy haha. The wife just kept telling me her theory about how she doesn't believe her mom is really dead because she never saw the body and one day on the train she saw her mom. While at the same time she just kept offering me her half eaten honeydew melon. No thank you. I didn't hear much of sister Provard's conversation but all I heard was that he did not believe in the resurrection why? "People believe that we will all be resurrected, people and animals. You don't see any cows walkin' around and talkin' to people do you??" Haha and at the end all I heard
was "HONEY YOU ARE A PROPHET!" Haha so I guess my companion is a prophet.

Sunday: Today was stake conference and we had elder Worthen of the seventy. There wasn't enough room in the chapel so sister Provard and I had to go into another room so we interpreted the entire session. It was an interesting experience haha. We were able to meet with our new investigator that we met last week again and had a quick lesson with her before she ran out. She really opened up to us and she's had a really hard life. It really humbles me to hear the people we teach and their stories because I've been so blessed in my life and it pains me to see so much sorrow in their lives. The gospel and Jesus Christ's atonement truly can heal all wounds and pains in our lives.

Well that is all for now but I do have a challenge for all of you :) there is a new Easter video that the church put out yesterday and I invite you all to share the video so it can reach as many people as possible. Go to for the video and share it wherever you can! :) #hallelujah I love and miss you all. Just know that I'm still alive and love teaching this gospel! For it is so true and what a blessing it is to have the opportunity to share it everyday.

Love, Sister Seay

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