Monday, March 21, 2016

My lesson from a taco truck

Hello everyone!! Let me be the first to say hello to spring (except for the fact in hailed/snowed yesterday....what?) This week flew by and I can't believe I am already emailing you all again. Hopefully you all aren't getting sick of me ha.

Monday: We actually did something with our lives and were productive haha. Not much. just did laundry and cleaned the apartment and stuff but it really needed some TLC. We also made a birthday surprise cake and banner for Elder Brown our deaf elder for his birthday tomorrow. Our appointment fell through so we just spent the entire night trying to contact people.
Tuesday: We had to go to the office to go pick up some supplies we ordered and while we were at the office we decided to call a few people back from some previous phone games and we were able to have a lesson. He seems to have some genuine interest so we shall see what happens! Then we had a lesson with the members we recently took to the temple and talked about her goals and we set up a date for her to take out her endowments so that was really exciting. She always wants to learn and she studies more than missionaries do! She's so smart and just loves learning everything she can.

Wednesday: This morning we had district meeting where I was asked to give a workshop on charity and it seemed to go really well. I was so nervous haha but she spirit is one good teacher I must say. Then we did some look ups in Manhattan and we also had English class tonight/ surprise birthday party for elder brown :) We were also able to have a lesson before English class and she even texted us this morning and said "I not go English class, you need to teach me more." Uhhh....okay! Ha that night as we were coming home from English class we stopped at a taco truck near our apartment, and while we were there we met this guy named Austin (using his name because I want to remember this story). He noticed who we were and so naturally we started talking with him and he invited us to sit down with him to eat and to discuss more. We were able to teach the restoration and then he started with his questions..... He was shooting questions at us and it became very apparent that he was trying to bible bash us. Sister Provard fired back and they just went at each other and I even had to touch her on the back three times because it was getting so heated haha. He started talking about his beliefs and how he used to "know the what but not the why" and now without religion he "knows the why but not the what". He then asked sister Provard how she knows her why and she gave an amazing testimony (I almost cried and we all know I don't cry) and right after he completely shot it down by saying "that's wonderful but it's not unique" I thought someone was going to be killed and it was most likely going to be him. I had to stop them mid sentence so it wouldn't happen ha. But I just loved this
experience because I just think of the savior and how while he was walking to Calvary he was being spit and mocked at he never fought back and proved them wrong he accepted it and carried on. Showing his true love and charity towards all people, I think if Christ can do all that without needing to fight back so can we as missionaries. The hardest times to show charity is when we are being mocked and having some tear us down. But that is when we need to show it the most, to show the people we actually care about them and that we honestly want them to listen to our message.

Thursday: This morning we had service at the park and then we had to head down to Bensonhurst for our exchange with the sister training leaders, I was with sister Lemmon and she it just the bees knees. We just spent the night visiting one of their investigators and looking up some less active members in their ward. We also had a st. Patrick's day dinner with one of their members and everything was green! So awesome :) and the waffles were SO GOOD. (See picture below) Their area is gorgeous and I wouldn't mind serving here but hey the deaf branch is awesome.
Friday: Still on exchanges so we continued doing some look ups we weren't able to finish yesterday. We also helped one of their investigators help clean their house and she has the cutest baby in the world! So that was really fun and this exchange was the ] best one I've had. Sister Lemmon changed my views on exchanges I must say. Then we went to the elders recent converts house so I could help them with family history :) who knew I would use it so much on my mission. Thanks mom! We were able to do their entire family and also the moms side up to her grandparents. We even found two names to take to the temple which they are really excited about.

Saturday: This morning we had correlation meeting with president bond and then we headed up to upper Manhattan to teach our investigator but she wasn't home but we ran into her on our way out the building. She was just getting home from checking her baby into the hospital so pray that her baby will be okay. We also went and had a lesson with a former investigator and it went really well so hopefully we can pick her back up and continue teaching her. We headed back to the church so we could weekly plan because we couldn't due to our exchange. Also while we were weekly planing our investigator (the golden one who said we were an answer to her prayers) called us and had some questions for us about heaven and hell so we taught her the plan of salvation but it was probably the strangest lesson I've ever had haha we taught it completely backwards and then we started over from the beginning so she could fully understand haha but it was awesome! She's so amazing!!!!

Sunday: Church was awesome and we finally had some investigators show up to church so that was really a tender mercy for sister Provard and I. After church we drove down to Staten Island to teach our new Staten people but two of our three lessons bailed so that was pretty tough. However they all rescheduled so that's good. We went home and just played phone games so we could find more deaf people and also invite them to the branch party were having soon :) that should be really fun. Also the elders had a baptism today but sadly we weren't able to attend because the trek down to Staten takes forever but the work here is growing and I'm so grateful I am here to witness it.
Well that's all for now from me. I hope you all enjoyed watching the new Easter video. and that you all have a wonderful Easter this Sunday. Love and miss you all :) just know that Jesus Christ really does live today and that I know he died so that we all can live again. Happy Easter!!

Love, Sister Seay

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