Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Miracles

Hello friends and family! I hope you all had an amazing Easter and were able to reflect on the true meaning and remember him yesterday :) I studied so much about Christ's life this last week and it is amazing how much my testimony has grown about the atonement and my faith in Jesus Christ. So wonderful.
Monday: Nothing much. We had a lesson with our family again and we had a great family home evening about Easter and the true meaning of Easter. Their mom (non-member) forgot about the resurrection and didn't know that we all can become perfect one day and that all our sickness and imperfections will one day be gone. She was amazed and loved our message so much. So good. Tonight we have a throw down lesson with them to hopefully get them on date for baptism. Haha pray for us! We need it....

Tuesday: District meeting was today and it was really good and our zone leaders joined us. They asked us about some of our investigators and it was really good to get some insight from our district and zone leaders. We had a lesson with our sweet old couple and after district meeting we decided that if the husband wasn't willing to come to church then we would have to drop them. Guess what.... He told us he won't ever come to church. So we're no longer teaching them but hey we will be able to focus on people who are actually able to get baptized and progress. When we got home for the night our investigator called us in tears and just told us how stressed she was and told us all of her problems. We just sat there and watched her for an hour and hopefully we gave her some comfort. I'm really happy though that she trust us that much. We also dropped another investigator that had a baptismal date. Haha before we knocked on the door we heard her talking (which is very easy to tell when a deaf person is talking) and when we knocked on the door she looked out the peephole to see who it was then deliberately ignored us. Oh well it happens!!

Wednesday: We had mega zone conference today so we were combined with zones 1,2,and 3. It was amazing as always and I always love learning from president and sister Reynolds. Although I learned the most from the assistants this time. They talked a lot about listening to the people we teach and trust and I don't know it really hit me so I was really excited to apply it :) we had a lesson with our investigator and as we were following up on her Book of Mormon reading we noticed a comment she said about the Book of Mormon and we came to realize she didn't see the importance of the Book of Mormon. She LOVES the bible and even quotes revelation but doesn't have the same interest as the
bible. We had a great lesson with her and were able to explain the importance of it and she seemed to have gained an actual interest in it now. Hooray!
Thursday: Service at Fort Green park was super dirty today it was awesome haha. We took all the metal sings that explain all the plants and had to rip off all the old stickers and then sand them all down so that they were smooth but needless to say they all had 12 years of rust on them. We were covered in rust and dirt by the end of it haha. Once we got home we weekly planed and afterward we called a few investigators we haven't been in contact with for awhile to see if they still wanted to meet. We dropped a few more people, I guess it was just one of those weeks but now we have a list of people who we can actually work with so its going really well.

Friday: Service at the senior center was cancelled :( of course the one week we are actually able to go ha just our luck. But there's always next week. We waited 30 minutes for our less active to show up to our lesson but thankfully she actually did show up. Although we just ended up helping her get her prescription and sister Provard was on the phone the entire time talking to doctors (fun fact sister Provard is a pharmacy tech!) but we talked about what an endowment is. After that we drove out to little neck to teach a potential we haven't been able to meet with in over a month but we finally did and she is super sweet. She just lives SO FAR! Hopefully we will be able to find a way to get her to church.

Saturday: This morning we met up with the North elders and discussed about the branch party coming up soon. I was filled in on past parties and let me tell you there is some serious D.B.D (Deaf Branch Drama) the parties do more harm than good. Like for example at the last party we had a member kicking investigators out because they didn't have food. So we discussed some ways to avoid these awful things. Then we went to teach our investigator that lives up in upper Manhattan and had a great lesson with her and she said she would come to church tomorrow! We watched the general women's session of general conference which is always really good. I guess when I get home from my mission I need to help out with the refugees and have children cause that's ALL THEY TALKED ABOUT. But I swear it was really good and I learned a lot :)

Sunday: EASTER MIRACLES DO EXSIST!!! Today was the best Sunday I have experiences thus far on my mission. First of all sister Provard and I had 5 investigators come to church which is a record. And especially since we've had none come for the past couple week we were super happy about that. Our investigator came for the first time and during sacrament she told me she was for sure coming back next week!!! :) she is so amazing although she has a 3 year old daughter and 3 month old baby so it's really hard for her by herself. If any of you have ideas on how to keep an A.D.D child calm during church please send them our way. But church was filled with investigators and the members actually befriended our investigators which never happens. Our members aren't the friendliest of people haha but some are awesome! To be honest our investigators are better at fellow shipping than most of our members haha.
I hope you all had an amazing week and that you have another one. Stay safe and know I love and miss you all! :) By the way... What happened to March????? It's already almost April.... I am not okay with this....

Love, Sister Seay

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