Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference!

Hello friends and family! :) I hope you all had an amazing week and were able to listen to our beloved prophet and other church leader this weekend. And if you didn't I highly recommend you go watch it right now. Stop reading this email and go watch it, it will change your life.

Monday: So. . . That back door knock out lesson we had planned didn't happen Oh well, we just spent our night planting seeds and meeting new faces that might be interested in the gospel. We'll see what happens :) also called our golden investigator from Staten! She is so amazing! It's such a blessing to see someone who has such a stress filled life and feels the weight of the world be calmed by a simple testimony of the restoration and the wonderful plan that our Father in Heaven has for us! After an hour win helping her understand the full restoration and why we need that, she was a lot calmer and kept reminding us that we are visiting her house next week. Finally going to meet her in person!

Tuesday: District meeting per usual. This might be the last because we have transfers next week, we'll see if any changes happen. Updates later to come ;) Deep clean! It's amazing what you can find in the back of the fridge of your new apartment haha. Looks like we need to do some food shopping because we got an empty fridge after cleaning all of that out.
Wednesday: Lots of service and finding today! Interpreting for our investigator and also slipping in a lesson and figuring out that she finally wants to be baptized and feels ready! Miracles! We were so happy! She also talked to her mom back in China about it and that just confirmed her answer to be baptized! . . .but there's another road block. . . Found some other things out that will stop her from baptism. . .its ok we will make it through this and she will finally be baptized and receive those blessings one day! :) Called our investigator from upstate and invited her to conference, "it might snow so I don't know if I can go." *eye roll. It's 75 degrees and there is a chance of snow on Sunday. . .kill me, haha. Hopefully she'll come.

Thursday: Service at the wonderful Fort Greene again with the crew! Haha so much fun! Then booked it down to Staten Island to see some peeps. 2 cancelled appointments but still met with 1 less active. It was the weirdest lesson haha, we showed up on time and she was in the middle of cooking dinner, we just sat there while she cooked and occasionally looked over and asked us a question. After an hour we invited her to conference and to watch or read it during or later. Hopefully she will. Since we were in Staten we decided to drop off a Book of Mormon to our golden! She was so surprised to see us and said she was busy but would start reading right away!
Friday: Holy Frijoles it was a beautiful spring day! And what did we do? Stayed inside all day and weekly planned. . . At least we took a walk around the block to enjoy it for a bit :) did some more phone games and found a new investigator out on the edge of our area. Going to meet her on Sunday after conference :) oh I forgot this morning, we went as usual to our service with the older generation ;) Also we texted our golden investigator from Staten and she texted us and said "I'm sorry but you're not Jesus Christian but I'm Jesus Christian." I guess not everyone is golden, we are trying so hard to try and contact her to explain that we do indeed believe in Jesus Christ but someone must have said something to her or she read something because it was just all so sudden. It really threw me into a whirlwind and I was so sad because recently everyone has just been dropping off the face of the planet and hence why I made my depression box haha.
Saturday: It was definitely April fools yesterday. No the temperature has dropped and we are back to sweaters and jackets. . . Ugh. But thats okay because we have Conference!! Oh man was it good!! Our investigator from upstate came to both sessions! I could go on and on Forever about the things that I learned Haha.

Sunday: Guess what! No snow! Hola! Haha that means what? Actually had a good crowd at the church watching conference! 2 of our investigators and a few of the Elders investigators came and really enjoyed it! The one from upstate said that she forgot to take notes so she'll be watching them again!! I could cry! I really like a quote by president Monson that said "Choose the hardest right than the easiest wrong." It's so true. Sometimes making the right choice is so difficult but the lord will bless us 10 fold. Also a quote by elder holland that said "you can have what you want, or you can have something better." I think that related really well to president Monson because a lot of times our choices are based on our personal desires and not what the lord truly wants. We need to humble ourselves and "study it in our minds based on his gospel then bring a decision to him in prayer"
sometimes that hardest right will be extremely difficult for us to accomplish but then again "the lord did not make it easy but he made it possible". SO GOOD!! We also saw on her phone that she was telling her friends that they need to go to church more! :) totally didn't answer the door/wasn't home. Ugh well travel time took forever back home. Haha the joys of New York City Transit. . .
I hope you all were inspired by the leaders of our church and were able to receive answers to your questions. I love the promise given to us that we can always receive the answers to our questions when we listen to general conference. Too bad it's only twice a year! Hope you all have a great week and I'll write you again soon :) also I almost forgot to mention sister Provard and I are staying here in the deaf branch for another transfer :) hooray for the deaf work!

Love, Sister Seay

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