Monday, October 26, 2015

Excuse me Sir, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't freak me out

Hello everyone!! :) so this week was pretty awesome. I don't even know how to describe it. So many different things happened this week, both good arms bad. Haha overall an amazing week and it went by so fast!!!

Monday: Well in all honestly we didn't do much today because sister benson did mine and sister Deuels hair, now my hair isn't like three different colors so that's good. :) we had a lot of errands to run though so we had a full day. We got decorations to decorate our trunk for our ward trunk or treat and I'm stoked because we cant go out at night on Halloween. We have to be in our apartments at five. So we're going to die of boredom that night, don't worry about it haha. We had family home evening with our less active family again and they are rock stars. They've been coming to church every week and their mom is just amazing. Her kids know so much, her daughter wrote a note about God and said she's going to give it to her friend. My heart melted!! These kids just know the way to my heart. 
Tuesday: We had a miracle happen today!! The other ASL sisters called us this morning and told us a member gave them a deaf phonebook for all of Long Island!! Guess how many referrals we received.... 70!!!!! Yeah I'm not even kidding you.... 70. I nearly pooped my pants when I saw how many. I was thinking MAYBE five the most. Needless to say we will be really busy for the next couple weeks. Then we had district meeting and we've just been so unified lately I love it!! Afterwards we went to a less actives pet grooming store and offered service. I miss my dogs!!! (Except Sadie #ew) the rest of our night was full of finding (obviously) and we found a family!! Although the rest of the night we had no luck. Although Heavenly Father always has a plan for us and the people we teach so maybe we just need to find other people. I see it as Heavenly Father slowly showing us the direction we need to go, although sometimes we get sad he will always place someone in our paths. Kind of like the other day when sister Deuel and I were in the dumps, Satan was trying to get us to give up but he always try's his hardest before something wonderful happens, like our 70 referrals for example and they're all deaf! Ahhh!!!! :)

Wednesday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANDLER!! (One of the best sisters ever) of course I would never forget. I'm very good at remembering birthdays :) hope your day was amazing! Most of our day was used for weekly planning and studies so we didn't do too much. We did a lot more finding and computer work but that night we had a lesson to one of our investigators mom! We didn't really know what to expect but it went so well and she was asking us such genuine questions and they all flowed so well with the restoration. Her son sat in on the lesson with us and they are learning together. It's just the two of them so they're very close. The gospel helps families so much people! They really do bring families closer together and I love being able to watch families come together as one everyday :)

Thursday: ummm... I've been out three months?????? Say what? That's insanity. Alright Heavenly Father you can stop the clock now so I can just stay in New York for forever, much appreciated haha. Sister Deuel and I spent the entire afternoon doing service by going around a neighborhood and racking people's leaves for them. I love all the leaves, all of you on the west coast are jealous of all the colors I know you are. We had a couple other lessons and more look ups and they all went really well. We had a lesson tonight with a lady that lives a street down from us and she just kept saying how much she loves how we simply invited her to learn. Needless to say she doesn't like the Jehovah's witnesses haha I guess telling people they will go to hell if they don't read their bible isn't very welcoming haha. But I'm so glad for the way we proselyte, it's so hopeful and we don't push anything on anyone. We simply invite. Our lesson of the restoration went really well except her view of prophets is very different from ours so we will have to discuss that again haha. Oh! Some good news, the member we've been working with to go to the temple texted us today and said she hasn't been smoking for a few days now. We were ecstatic, we gave her some gum to chew instead of smoking and she's been doing that instead. She's been progressing so much (she's also one of my favorite people here in south shore). Hopefully we can get her to start paying her tithing now. 
Friday: We had interviews with president Reynolds today and it was my first official one so I had no idea what to expect. That man is so amazing, I'm so glad he's my mission president. He cracks me up though, he never stops working. Sister Deuel and I had to force him to take a lunch break. Then he starts handing out all his fruit snacks and stuff to the missionaries haha. After our interviews we as a companionship had to sit down with the assistants and discuss more rules. Yes, more rules. There's no more pull up bars, musical instruments, and only music we can listen to in sacrament meeting (so basically only Motab and some youth songs. Cries every time) obedience is key. Obedience is key that all we have to keep telling ourselves. Afterwards we had asl class at a members sister in laws house and it went really well. She's not a member but who knows maybe we can soften her heart and invite her to learn more about our church. Then we went knocking for awhile but it was awesome because we knocked St George Dr. (Represent!!!!) and found two new investigators. Yes!!! It's because St. George is obviously the golden name/city. We also met with two inactive members and they're VERY religious but haven't been to church in decades. They couldn't even remember who Joseph smith was. Thankfully we were able to discuss that with them. :) good day.

Saturday: We had correlation meeting today and today was the Saturday session of stake conference. We're getting a new stake president so everyone is on edge. So our zone leaders challenged us to set apart one hour a day and knock in an inspired area, and today we didn't have any luck until the very last house. He was so nice and didn't claim to have a religion but if he did it would be Buddhist so that was interesting. But we prayed that we would have one lesson and we did! Thanks Heavenly Father :) then before we left for stake conference we called every single deaf referral we received and slowly got rid of people who's numbers were disconnected or weren't the correct number. We will find one person from this list, I know it! Stake conference was amazing. They discussed a lot about the importance of family home evenings and having family council. Super good and all the missionaries were taking notes for the future haha.

Sunday: OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Today was so crazy, everybody sit down and prepare yourselves for a wild story. So as we sat down to interpret for stake conference, this man we didn't know said he was deaf so we're like sweet come sit by us so we can interpret for you, turns out he didn't know any sign language which wasn't a big deal because a lot of people don't know a lot of sign language here. But he said he could lip read really well so we are signing and speaking at the same time and he starts getting really creepy and is like getting three inches away from our faces and started yelling at us because of how upset he was getting. Then we thought he could only lip read in Spanish but then he said he knows Italian so we grab our Italian elder and as soon as he starts translating for the lip reading he STARTS SPEAKING COMPLETELY NORMAL!!! (He hadn't said a word before this) Turns out he's not deaf but he's literallyv crazy. The elders were like okay just listen to the speakers then and left us but then he started getting so close to my face and I just felt so uncomfortable. I was like so help me if this man touches me I'm out, I'm grabbing sister Deuel and I'm running till I hit California. The elders eventually removed him from the meeting but he kept trying to come back to us. We had to leave the meeting as well just for our safety. Our mission president was sitting on the stand and he was like "I was about to grab his shirt and drag him out of the building myself!" Haha he was upset he elders didn't remove him earlier because of how uncomfortable we were. But yeah that was my crazy story. But we had a lesson with our deaf investigator and he accepted a baptism date which also Happens to be his birthday! :) yay. 
Yeah that was my hectic/awesome week. That man was super creepy and scared our deaf investigators and members to death but hey we're all safe right? I hope you're all doing well and staying safe :) love and miss you all!!!

Love, Sister Seay

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