Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy Halloween to all my ghosts and goblins

Hello family and friends!!! This week flew by! I seriously can't remember what in the world we even did this week. This week was dedicated to service and of course it was Halloween :) it was a good week. Anyways.... Now for my super long boring email that no one probably reads, I MUST CONTINUE ON! 
Monday: Today's Pday was super fun because we got together with the Spanish district and played a ton of minute to win it games. It was district against district but sadly sister Ostraff and benson had to leave us in our time of need. Funny story though, so we were playing one game where you blindfold your companion and then give them directions somewhere but everything you say means the opposite. So like left means right and straight means backwards. So we were in the hallways and I tell sister Deuel to go backwards and we were in the lead so she takes off running but instead of running straight we goes left and smacked right into the wall haha. Needless to say I unintentionally abuse my companions. Also each person in our district had to make two free throws and I'm like great... I suck at basketball and then BAM! Two buckets right in a row. Heavenly Father was looking out for me today! The rest of the night we met with less active members and had family home evening as always and we tried to meet an investigator but she was sick but her son talked to us and gave us an hour speech on how angles are really aliens, and why he believes in aliens. New Yorkers are weird.

Tuesday: We had district meeting and we were joined by one of our zone leaders elder resinelli (he's from Italy) and we had a get to know you better activity where we showed pictures of our families and elder resinelli had us laughing so hard. So he was describing a picture and said "now this is the source of my happiness" so of course we're all thinking his girlfriend or his car or something then he shows us this picture of his fat cat haha. It was just so unexpected, man maybe this is only funny to me. Then we had service planned to go help out at a dog groomers (a less active owns it) but they were already done with all the work so we decided to go look at a ranch we were doing service for on Saturday, we gave ourselves a quick tour and then we ran to go help our less active we've been working with with her alarm clock. Haha who knew an alarm clock would be so difficult to set up. She's doing amazing and hasn't smoked for two weeks now! :) we had another less active lesson that night and it was the first time meeting with her but she knows she needs to come back to church it's just the matter of getting her teenage daughters to go with her. Overall a good lesson though and she liked us visiting her. Also the sisters heat went out in their apartment so we got permission to have a sleepover! :) that never happens haha we had lots of fun. 
Wednesday: This morning we had to go to the chiropractor for sister Deuel but she's fine don't worry! Haha I haven't killed my companion quite yet. Then we ran off to zone training meeting, they discussed a lot about humility and effective planning. There was a lot to take away from that meeting, hopefully we can apply it to our missionary work! We met with one of our new investigators and she is seriously so pure in heart. She asks so many good questions and every time we end a lesson she asks the perfect question to lead into the next lesson haha. But hopefully we can get her family involved as well. We also taught a deaf less active member that we found through one of our investigators and he remembers so much but hasn't been to church since the Brooklyn deaf branch crashed. We hope to set up a branch here on the island but we're going to have to work our booties off to make it happen. We have faith it will happen in the near future especially with all this deaf potential and miracles happening on Long Island.
Thursday: We drove out to have lunch with our deaf investigator couple and we watched the Joseph smith: the prophet of the restoration movie with them and it finally clicked in their brains that people mocked and persecuted Joseph smith and the saints. Also that people still don't like our church and that's why there's anti Mormon stuff on the internet today. They think Joseph was a good man and so hopefully they will pray and receive and answer about Joseph smith being a true prophet. The spirit was so strong in that lesson, especially when we were testifying to them. We left the lesson beaming with happiness and just busted in prophet hymns haha. ASL class tonight was really good and we focused a lot on eyebrows and sentence structure. The faces they were making were priceless. We also received 40 MORE DEAF REFERALLS!! Crazy stuff. We tried contacting a lot of our deaf referrals but sadly only one answered and they were Jewish so needless to say they didn't like us very much. 
Friday: This afternoon we went around and racked leaves for random people. Service is amazing, when we are in the service of our fellowmen we are in the service of God. We did some look ups as well and actually contacted a part member family and they asked us to come back. :) turns out the wife who's a member stopped coming to church the Sunday after she was confirmed and hasn't been back since :( we knocked for the rest of the afternoon and ran into one guy who talked to us about politics for forever haha. But we did find one lady who invited us to come back and we gave her a Book of Mormon so hopefully we teach her soon. Tonight was our ward trunk or treat and it was such a good turn out! Sister Deuel and I dressed up as lamanites haha. There were so many less active and investigators there. One of our investigators showed up so that was really cool, hopefully she had fun. I love south shore, best first area ever. Bishop even told us how much he appreciates us, we have gained the bishops trust and the relief society presidents! And although I probably say this every week but members are the key. I can't stress that enough. 
Saturday: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Today was ran short because we had to be in our apartments by 6, no exceptions. But the few hours we were out we were doing service all day long. From 8 am till 5 pm. It was wonderful. I didn't wear a skirt all day except for a solid hour and it was basically the best day of my life. We started the morning at a members house and we helped them paint the entire outside of their house to help them get ready to sell it. I was so happy to see so many members come and help as well. Then we went to a ranch where they house unwanted and abused farm animals and we volunteered the rest of our time there. Chicken poop is disturbing. End of story. But we saw our less active family there (they volunteer there) and her kids ran up to me and gave me the biggest hugs. Melt my heart every time. Love this family. For the rest of the night we were locked up but sister Deuel and I had a grand time, we carved pumpkins, had the nastiest cider of my life, and ate so much food. Nothing like a night to get on a new kind of friendship with your companion like being trapped in your apartment with them all night haha.

Sunday: I don't care what anyone says, Sunday's are not a day of rest. They are stress days. Also since we're ASL were going from church building to church building to interpret. We were afraid none of our deaf investigators were going to show up to church today but luckily one did then we had a lesson with another after church. He's having his baptism November 15th!!! :) hopefully we can teach him everything before then. It's crunch time now, we're so nervous. Then we went to our ward to interpret and we had a great Sunday. Our deaf Sunday school was exactly what our investigators needed so hopefully they will use that in their lives. That night we had a lesson with a member and we went to see our virtigo investigator and this member is paralyzed from the hips down so he shared his testimony and I swear on my life he is one of the three nephities because holy cow...his testimony is so strong and for the first 20 minutes it was only him teaching and every time we tried to talk he would share another thought. It was such a good lesson but too bad he is moving next week!!! Bummer!!! He is such an amazing member. Utah is stealing yet another amazing member of our ward. in other states... We don't need strong members in Utah we need them in other states to help build up other wards :( oh well we will all miss him.

Well that was my week and it was such a fun week. Ward parties are the best and service is my favorite thing to do. Hopefully we see more of both in the next couple months :) church is true and Joseph smith is a true biz prophet and he set up gods church on the earth again. I know that to be true. I love you all and hope you all had a good Halloween although it probably wasn't as amazing as mine ;) just kidding. Miss you all and hope you're all doing well!!

Love, Sister Seay

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