Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I love being a missionary!!!

Wow!! What an amazing week it has been indeed! :) I hope you all are doing wonderfully. I've seen so many amazing things this week, I just love being a missionary. It's as simple as that.
Monday: okay so today was preparation day but it was one of the most stressful days on my mission. Why? Because we had so much to do and we got stuck in traffic. Yes, it took us 2 hours to go .9 miles! NOT EVEN A MILE! New York traffic is the worst and the drivers will do anything to get out of it. People were driving on the side of the road and going over the barrier to get to the service road. Crazy stuff. But we did get get the super important stuff finished and drum roll please.....*distant drums* I bought my first ever winter coat! What a monumental moment! Haha then we went and taught our less active members tonight and they both went really well. Our family we have been focusing on her 7 year old daughter and teaching her everything so she can possibly be baptized. Then our other member that we're working with to go to the temple is doing great! She's still not smoking and even bought more gum to chew instead of choosing not smoke. :)

Tuesday: Today we didn't get a lot done because the sisters heat was still out in their apartment so the mission set a repair man to come between 2-6 but someone had to be there while he was working. Alright... That's like all day, but we only had finding planned so we went on splits with them :) I went with sister Ostraff to teach their investigator Mary who is getting baptized on Friday!! Hooray! She is so pure in heart, we taught her about how to pay tithing and how to endure to the end. Really good lesson :) but now she is all 100% ready to be baptized on Friday. Yay! We also mapped out all the deaf referrals we've received because the mission president and stake president asked for it. We think they might move the deaf group to a different ward, considering all the deaf people live mostly outside our area (even though we don't technically have an area for ASL). Cool
fact, I gave a workshop in our district meeting, that was pretty cool. It was about diligence if you care to know.

Wednesday: We drove to Brentwood today to meet with our investigator being baptized, and we honestly only drove all they way out there to meet with him but he ended up canceling. But we did get to contact a lot of our referrals so you win some and you lose some. We also went to see one of our potential investigators to see if she was home and she was! She was so happy to see us and everything we taught her she would say, "that's so different....I love it though!" I guess the zone leaders stalking her all the way to her house paid off. We also met with another one of our deaf kids and tried to tell him he needs to stop going to the Jehovah's Witness church but they have him really sucked in.... We will most likely need to drive him. Sad story but the lord will have us move on to more prepared people.

Thursday: Weekly planning took so long today! So while we were planning for our investigator being baptized it was just so stressful and our time was so limited so sister Deuel being the amazing missionary she is suggested we pray about his baptismal date. So after much prayer and discussion we decided to move his baptism to the 22nd. And as soon as we did everything fell into place and our stress just completely disappeared. We just want to make sure he understands everything and that we're not shoving everything into his head. We had dinner at a members house and it was such a good time. :) we shared a general conference talk and talked about how we can ask Heavenly Father 'what lack I yet'. I love the members here. Sister Deuel and I want to stay at least one more transfer because this next one has so much amazing things happening and it falls on both thanksgiving and Christmas. We don't want to leave them ever! South shore is truly the best. Hmm the rest of the night we just had ASL class and only one person came but it was still fun haha. I love watching new signers learn :)

Friday: This afternoon we knocked for forever but it was worth it because we found two new investigators and one of them just so happens to be pure in heart! Booyah! Then we drove to Brentwood to teach all our deafies and it went really well. He agreed to change his baptism date and we all felt that was the right day although he was sad it wouldn't be in his birthday anymore. We had an appointment with a less active family but they weren't home so.. That was weird but it's okay because we ended up picking up the elders and helping set up for the other sisters baptism :) it was a great experience and she was so nervous about not being accepted by the members and there was such a good turn out of the members there :) they even all brought dessert to eat and help welcome her to the ward. We met with our less active member who is planning on going to the temple and we decided to help her go do baptisms here in the next few weeks. Then she wanted to see pictures of our families and it was the funniest experience of my life. By the way mom she thinks you're a model haha.

Saturday: In all honesty we didn't do much, just a lot of finding. But we did have one lesson and we were able to teach her the entire plan of salvation. So that was pretty sweet. But we did find a miracle while finding!!! We found a deaf couple and the husband has been looking for a deaf church for a long time! Ahhh!!!! We taught him some of the restoration and even gave him a Book of Mormon :) miracles. Sorry we get really excited about finding deaf people because it's so rare, especially ones who have been prepared!

Sunday: You will never believe what happened today.... So this morning we had someone walk into the church and said she wanted to be baptized. Like what? She's from Peru and recently moved to New York. I guess her friend Is a member and has been talking to her about the church for a long time. Crazy stuff. Then after sacrament was over another woman and her son walked him and said they wanted to talk to bishop. I guess she's a member but hasn't been involved with the church in a long time. Say what?! So we had two people just randomly walk in. We had a ward gathering after church to say goodbye to one of our members who is leaving on Tuesday. He's amazing and we're all sad to see him go. He gave a talk in sacrament and he was hilarious. He went through almost everyone in the ward and said something about them and even called people out for not going to church. It was so funny when we talked about one of the women he dated in our ward haha, he's lucky they're still really good friends haha! We also had a lesson with our vertigo investigator and she's doing really well, but what's amazing is that her mom sat in on our lesson about the restoration :) so now we're teaching the both of them. Miracles.

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! I just love seeing people's lives change. I mean Utah was cool but New York and mission life is so much better (sorry family haha I still love and miss you). We'll have an amazing week! Adios! \,,/_

Love, Sister Seay

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