Monday, November 16, 2015

We have a stalker!

Hello everybody! This week was all a blur, I honestly can't remember anything and I was too lazy to write in my journal so we will see how this goes haha.

Monday: Typical Pday although we did skype in for institute that our senior couple teaches and it's was so in depth my mind was blown. How Elder Bushman has all this gospel knowledge I will never know but needless to say skyping in for institute will become a regular thing. We went and taught our less active as always and she told us she had one cigarette! Oh no!!! But she told us it tasted awful and put it out. So good and bad things but as she said the closing prayer she asked for forgiveness. We about cried it was so cute. We also taught our less active family about the Holy Ghost and her kids were just being so crazy so we didn't get to teach a lot of the lesson. Although their mom did learn something new so as long as someone got something out of our lesson I am happy.

Tuesday: This morning I got the news that my grandpa died so that was sad but let's be honest we all know he isn't sitting still in the spirit world. I know for a fact he is doing a ton of missionary work! I am grateful for this gospel. The plan of salvation truly is a plan of happiness, there's such peace that comes from it. The more we study and learn about it the more I know why we all chose to accept this plan in the pre earth life. Yes family, in the moment it is heart breaking but looking at the eternal perspective all we can do it be grateful. Grateful that we have the knowledge and confidence that we can see our loved ones again. Today we also had exchanges and I was with Sister Beecher here in south shore while Sister Deuel went with Sister cook to Plainview. That night on our exchange we only had ASL lessons, so I'm on an exchange with an English missionary so I'm on my own. No help, hope you know what you're saying, good luck. Awesome. It went really well though!! I survived haha hopefully this isn't Heavenly Father telling me I'll be leading the area one day.... Or training. Heaven forbid. Haha
Wednesday: We had to exchange back really early because the STLs had a meeting with Sister Reynolds, so before I knew it our dynamic duo was back together again :) We went and taught our investigator who's getting baptized on the 22nd and he's learning so much! I've loved watching him grow and change in the gospel. We also had a lot of deaf people to look up so we did that and taught a deaf member out there. Then we hurried and drove home because some members were having us over for dinner. I love being in members homes because the spirit is just so strong and missionaries are always able to help even the strongest members grow more in the gospel. We also ended up dropping our deaf couple that we've been working with for a long time. We decided that they aren't truly progressing and that maybe we can try again in the future. Who knows maybe they're waiting for the right set of missionaries.

Thursday: We didn't do much today because we had the longest district meeting of my life today. We switched it because Elder Andreasen didn't want the sister training leader there. Afterwards we didn't
have a ton of time because then we had to quickly eat dinner and do some look ups before ASL class. We had so many people that showed up today we were so stoked. :) Hopefully we can continue to grow in numbers. Afterwards we went and taught our investigator and she told us she didn't do the reading so we ended up just quickly reading a chapter with her before we had to be home. It was really good and we challenged her to pray about it so hopefully she does that.

Friday: This morning we went and practiced with the districts for our song we are singing on Sunday for the stake fireside. Sometimes you just want to casually strangle the Elders but it's fine.... Patience
is a virtue and I will forever know how long an elder intention span lasts haha. It's about 5 minutes in case you were wondering, okay okay not all missionaries but the ones in our zone haha I love them but they all drive me insane at times. We had an appointment set up but they canceled which was a total bummer but hey it's okay because then we went to teach our investigator who's getting baptized again! We've been in Brentwood about three or more times a week and the miles on our car are slowly being swallowed up. Pretty sure we will have to walk everywhere the last two weeks of the month haha. Miles for the month are a big deal here in the mission. We also had all the sisters in our ward and the Spanish ward come over for dinner. Every once in awhile you just need a sister gathering. It was so fun, we made café rio and they all helped bring everything we needed. I love these sisters you can't help but be happy around them. We had a lesson tonight with a potential tonight and we taught him but when we left we ended up texting us five minutes later telling us to come back because his mom wanted to talk to us. It ended up being an amazing lesson and she's been looking for the right church for awhile now. She even told us to come back :) Hopefully we can continue teaching her and her son.
Saturday: This morning we had to drive to Plainview for zone training meeting but everyone was stoked because that's the only one in our mission and you can't go there unless there's a meeting. Needless to say all the missionaries were at chick fil a that day haha. Zone training meeting was good but as soon as the third hour of the meeting rolls around my focus is completely gone. If we could keep these meeting to two hours I would be golden. I'll keep working on it I promise. That meeting took all day but afterwards we went back to Brentwood and taught all our deafies. We also found a new deaf man and a couple so that was amazing. Although it will be hard to go and visit them again soon since our area is the entire island and we are so limited on miles haha. Although the sister in the city gave us some of their miles. We about cried we were so happy. Hmm we also met with our virtigo investigator and she was in the hospital this week due to a really bad relapse. Thankfully she is doing better and she could help lift her spirit.

Sunday: Well we were home from 8 am to 8:30 pm. In the morning we drove to the bay shore chapel to interpret for all our deaf people and it was wonderful because one of our deaf members drove all the way from Hampton bays to meet our investigator that he is baptizing. Then we offered to drive them all to south shore to meet the actual deaf group. So nice. The kids all loved being with other deaf people instead of going to the Spanish ward with their families. Probably because they can actually understand what is going on. After church all the missionaries had to set up for the fireside that night so we were on the run. Thankfully one of the members brought us dinner, it was the kindest thing ever. President Reynolds and his wife spoke at the fireside about member missionary work and I love watching president speak. He is so interactive and really pumped up the missionary work within the wards. We're stoked to see the change within the members. So something crazy happened. We now have a stalker. She found our number on and I guess she has been a problem with missionaries before. She keeps calling and texting us and I am so grateful she doesn't know where we live. Thankfully the other missionaries said she stops after awhile. We just don't know exactly how long that is. New Yorkers... Psychos. Love them.

Well that was my week! Sorry if it's all gibberish I was just thing to look at our planner and writing down whatever I could remember. Hope you're all doing well :) love and miss you all! Church is true!

Love, Sister Seay

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