Monday, November 30, 2015

First Baptism

Hello family and friends!

This week flew by but it also went by so slow because we only wanted Sunday to come! Why? Because our investigator got baptized! More details on that later. We also just got off transfer calls and I'm officially staying another transfer :) Christmas in Long Island. Whoop whoop and I'm still with sister Deuel. Here's to another amazing transfer!

Monday: We didn't need anything today so we quickly did our laundry  and went and played volleyball all day long. That really all we did haha but that night we went and taught our less actives. We taught our family first and I taught the kids while Sister Deuel taught their mom. Tonight I realized I will never become a elementary teacher, kids are crazy. I love them but they're crazy. Their mom really opened up to us and told us how she gained her testimony and how the many trials in her life made her stronger. Pretty much at the end of the lesson Sister Deuel and I were bawling and I just wanted to hug her kids. That family has had such a hard life, I only hope for the best with that family but they have been growing so much since we've been
teaching them.
Tuesday: Today was a great day because we taught our really old investigator. She is in her late 70's and she is like a grandma. She is so cute. As we were leaving she handed us 5$ and wouldn't let us leave without taking it haha. She insisted 'we get a cup of coffee on her' we will need to teach the word of wisdom soon Haha. Then we quickly drove out to Brentwood for Selvins baptism interview because we had to interpret. But it went amazing and he Passed!!! He is officially ready to be baptized we just have to teach him one more lesson. :) afterwards we went to our less active members house because I forgot my wallet on accident there... Oops. But it was good because we could check up on her smoking and she cracks me up. Instead of smoking she ate an entire bag of mini marshmallows haha. I don't know how she didn't throw up. Then we stopped by at our other investigators house we haven't been able to see for a whole due to health problems but we finally met with her! We read the Book of Mormon and taught her a really good lesson of Joseph smith and the Book of Mormon. I love being able to see people's lives change here in New York. Truly an amazing blessing to see everyday.

Wednesday: This morning I woke up and my throat was on fire and my throat was lined with white spots...awesome. So I had to go to urgent care to see the doctor. I hate the doctor I did not want to go but hey I got medicine and strep throat so that explains why it felt like Satan was clawing at my throat. Casual things. So we didn't want to get any one sick so we did a lot of Selvins baptism preparations like making the programs, printing off invitations, etc. although we did have a lesson with our young investigator and she said that when she read the plan of salvation pamphlet she felt it was true. So we taught her the restoration and she seemed to have a hard time believing in Joseph smith. Hopefully we can solve that problem. Then we just did some quick look ups and then went home to do phone games so I wouldn't get anyone sick. Nothing too exciting today, I felt like we accomplished nothing though. I hate being sick :(
Thursday: I FINISHED TRAINING TODAY! Yep you read that right I am officially on my own. Kinda sucks now though because I can't blame things on my trainer now ;) haha just kidding. Well we had district meeting and it was super long because sister Ostraff gave her last and final workshop but it was good because she gave us a ton of mission advice. I can't believe she's going home this next week :( boo. I hate
dying missionaries because you grow to love them and then bam they're gone. We taught our deaf investigator his last and final lesson as an investigator!! We talked about missionary work as well and he said he wants to work towards going on a mission. Excuse me while my hearts melts. We also helped his brother and his friend write their talks for the baptism. Our relief society had an activity for thanksgiving so we went to learn how to cook a turkey. Fun stuff! Aren't the holidays just so amazing?

Friday: Well today was uneventful because we had to deep clean our apartment. It was so nasty but then we went knocking and we didn't have any success until we were walking back to the car and a lady stopped us and asked us what we were selling haha. Turns out she was actually interested and gave us her address to go teach her. Super nice. Although while we were knocking we heard a woman screaming and yelling 'don't touch me' and 'let go of me'. So I had to call the police for the second time on my mission. Haha I am so done with calling the police. Do you know how hard it is to explain what we were doing in the area? "So we were knocking on doors to see if people wanted to learn about our church but we don't live in the area but we were just walking in the neighborhood" we sounded crazy haha. We had ASL class and a member invited us over for thanksgiving!!!! We finally got plans. Haha so now we won't be lonely for thanksgiving, eating turkey all by ourselves in our little apartment.

Saturday: So we spend most of the day doing service for some members. We helped them take their yard and first of all their yard is huge and secondly they have a bizzillion trees so it took forever and a day. Although we did leave for an hour for correlation meeting and it was good nothing to report on that. But they were so kind to feed us dinner after we finished all the leaves. We had a few look ups but no one was home so we decided to see how our less active member was doing but she had family over so she was distracted our entire lesson. Bummer. Then we tried to visit some other people but our one investigator told us he was no longer interested and all the others either weren't home or were busy. Total bust. So yeah that sucked but we win some we lose some. We won't let Satan knock us down!

Sunday: SELVIN WAS BAPTIZED!! Holy moly seriously the best day ever. It was the strangest baptism of my life. Spanish people are so loud by the way but they're very good at bringing food at every event so I'm not really complaining haha. But he was being baptized into the Spanish to be with his family so it was all in Spanish but then they would translate into English so we could translate into ASL. Trilingual baptism for the win. Haha so strange but such a special experience. I have taught him since my first week in the mission field and I can't believe he is a member! Crazy to think but he has grow and changed so much. I love see people's lives change. I am just grateful for this gospel and being able to come on a mission. :)

Well that was my week everybody. Hope you enjoyed it. Hope you all have an amazing thanksgiving and stay safe.

Love, Sister Seay

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