Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My district and total domination

Hello once again!

So this week the days seemed to drag on but I can't believe it's already Monday again! First of all I need to say happy late thanksgiving to you all. I hope you all enjoyed your time together and spent some time pondering the things you are truly grateful for. We've been so blessed in this country! 
Monday: Just spent the day playing volleyball at the church and spending time with our district before tomorrow. Sister Ostraff is going home and elder Joo is being transferred so our dynamic district is being split apart :( it was a good day. The night we visited our less active family and we talked about choosing the right everyday.Then the littlest daughter celebrated learning about it by throwing her chocolate milk all over the floor haha. The oldest daughter was being so dramatic haha I can't believe my mom raised four girls....Bless your soul mom.

Tuesday: Today was transfer meeting but since sister deuel and I were staying we couldn't go :( so sad but it's okay Because we had an AMAZING lesson with our elderly investigator. We brought a member with us and it was a perfect match. They had so much in common and they hit it off right away. We watched the 20 minutes video of the restoration and then we bore our testimonies of the prophet Joseph smith. The spirit was so strong and I've been on a spiritual high all day. I can't even describe how amazing member lessons are, go teaching with the missionaries. Not only does it help them but it helps the investigator and yourself. 
Wednesday: Today we didn't accomplish much because we had district meeting and weekly planning but we did meet sister benson and elder andreasen snow companions so that was really cool. I love new transfers because we get to start fresh and have somewhat of a clean slate and a pick me up to get ready for the holidays. We taught our investigator and though she didn't agree to be baptized she didn't decline...so we will see how that goes. We tried to find some more people but we had no lucky, however right when we were about to go home I felt we needed to go see this one girl we met a couple weeks ago. Turns out she was home and we had an amazing lesson with her. She is so pure in heart and she asked us to come back again next week. Following the spirit is so essential in missionary work and in life. The spirit guides and directs us daily and Heavenly Father will put people in our path because he knows we will act on our spiritual promptings. 
Thursday: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Today was such a great day and we started off the day with a gathering of our zone and playing turkey bowl. We played against our companions but I wanted to play foreigners against Americans but whatever that's fine. My team totally killed it but that's only a side note. Just total domination. We had dinner at a members house and it was really cool because some returned missionaries were there that served in my mission so we got to talk with them and get advice and people to see. We also played this game called Mad Gab and I highly recommend it haha. So funny! I was dying. We visited some single sisters the rest of the night and enjoyed a great day. One of the best thanksgivings I've had! I'm grateful for the opportunity to be on a mission and to have you all in my life! :)

Friday: We met with our elderly investigator again today and I'm really glad we did because she was sick. We got her medicine and stuff to make her feel well and then shared a message with her. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how simple is truly is. At the end of the lesson we invited her to be baptized and she accepted and then gave herself a date to be baptized... Like okay. We went knocking and then to a Spanish baptism which I couldn't understand at all. We also met with our virtigo investigator and all the work we did to help her gain some faith has been completely shattered and now we are back to square one. We have no idea how to help her now. It's really sad when you see the gospel help others and then it all comes barreling down. I wish I could take away people's trials but I can't, I can only help them overcome them.

Saturday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RETT!! Happy birthday to a very special old man in my family and I hope you had a wonderful day. We had correlation meeting today and it was more of a meet the new missionaries meeting. Afterwards we did looks ups for forever and began a deep clean of our area book. We went through all the people in town and either kept them or deleted them the book. It will be nice to have a fresh start and not have random people in there who haven't ever been interested. Sometimes I wonder why certain people are in our book haha. We also found out that Anne Hathaway lives in Bellport so we went knocking to try and find her haha no success yet but I will keep you all updated. We also put up our Christmas tree! It's so little and cute! I'm am so exited for Christmas and everyone getting into the Christmas Spirit. 
Sunday: Today kinda sucked because we were supposed to have Selvins confirmation but his mom got offended by a member so she decided not to come church. Awesome. So the bishop has to call her and figure everything out. Then we went to our ward and had a really good time. It was awesome though because one of the members came up to us after church and invited us to dinner! I love dinner appointments, they're always so amazing. So we had dinner with them and shared he new #asaviorisborn Christmas video. Which I highly recommend you all go watch. The video is on Christmas.mormon.org and I challenge you all to share it on your Facebook. :) We had a few look ups tonight and had a couple lessons. It's was a really relaxing Sunday compared every other Sunday so that was really nice.

Well that was my week for you all. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving and that you are all staying safe and warm. Also for all the people that have asked you can send packages to my apartment if you want them here before Christmas. If you send it to the mission home I won't get it till January because we have to go to the city to pick them up unless for some random reason our leaders go to the city but it's unlikely. Well, Here's to the month of December and a month to remember the true meaning of Christmas :) love you all!

Love, Sister Seay

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