Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Miracles

Hello hello! The Christmas countdown has begun, and Sister Deuel and I are a little too excited. We've been playing Christmas music and have been basking in the glory of our midget Christmas tree :)
Monday: Hmm lets see... Volleyball at the church as always as we read emails and hung around with the Spanish district. We tried to see a new investigator we found but she wasn't home so that was lame but we won't give up! We also taught our less active family and it's always a joy to be around them. We watched the new Christmas video and I walked out with a Wendy's frosty all down my skirt, it's always a surprise what happens to you when we teach them haha. I love that family. We also taught our less active that we've been trying so hard to have her pay her tithing so she can go to the temple on the 12th. So hopefully she pays her tithing on Sunday *fingers crossed*

Tuesday: Today was really special because we had a magazone conference and three zones got together to have a conference with the mission president and his assistants. Elder young gave his talk on weekly planning but it was so interesting because he tied it into the 12-step to recovery videos the church put out and it was so interesting how he tied it all together. Sister Reynolds talked about how we can have a more meaningful sacrament meeting and honestly I'm so grateful she talked about that because Sunday's are our most stressful days. Something always seems to go wrong. She's so cute too because she always gets so nervous whenever she teaches us but I honestly learn the most from her. President Reynolds talked about some problems happening throughout the mission like gossiping and other stuff then he gave a powerful talk about the atonement and simply testified of the savior a sacrifice for all of us. Elder Burningham talked about our finding efforts and really got us pumped up for knocking (which is shocking because we all hate knocking especially at night). Which we ended up doing the rest of the night. And it was the very first time in my mission I was actually sad we had to go home, sister Deuel and I wanted to stay out all night! Really good day, full of inspiration and guidance.

Wednesday: Today we didn't do much because we had district meeting and afterwards we met with an old investigator and boy does she love to talk. We tried everything to get out of there, but she just kept going haha. Then we found out we had a service activity for a less active member so we ran over there. They're completely redoing the house so we painted everything and pulled missions upon millions of staples out of their stairs. Still so much work to do, but I love having all this service to do! We were there the rest of the night so we didn't accomplish much but hey we warmed up the heart of a less active and we taught a former investigator so I still think it was a good day.

Thursday: Something crazy happened today! I met family on my mission! Haha true story. We found each other and it was awesome so we got together for lunch and had a great time getting to know each other and figuring out how we were related. Turns out were second cousin. Say wwwwhhhhaaaa? I have some pretty cool family. We had a great conversation about her life and even talked about the gospel. Best lunch appointment ever. We also did some deaf lookups in Brentwood and we even found a new investigator! We also had ASL class tonight but only one person but it's okay because she's being taught from the other sisters but they couldn't teach her after ASL class so we got to teach her. :) happy days within the mission. 
Friday: Boring day. Weekly planning, helped our less active with her Christmas shopping so that she will pay her tithing, and finding less actives. Although we did meet with one less active and she invited us right in. Her husband does not like the church but he wasn't home so we were able to have a lesson with her. It was amazing we came when we did because she recently had three close people to her pass away this last week. We all testified of the plan of salvation and as we were leaving to go home she started to cry. Hopefully she comes to church soon, you can tell she wants to so bad but her husband forbids it. Maybe she will come to the ward Christmas party? I hope so!

Saturday: PLAINVIEW DAY! :) so remember the 100 something deaf referrals we received? Well a ton of them are in plainview so we spent the entire day doing all those look ups. We contacted a ton but sadly none of them were really interested except maybe one. We will find someone from this never ending list! Just need to keep moving forward. We saw a less active deaf member while we were there too and we taught her the plan of salvation, she remembered a lot except for the three kingdoms so we quickly reviewed that and that finished off the great lesson. We found out that her boyfriend recently started meeting with the English missionaries so that was really cool because he might start taking her to church. Now we just need to convince him to drive to south shore so she can come with the deaf group.

Sunday: Today was a hectic day but a great day. :) Selvin was confirmed yesterday so he's officially a member. Hooray! Remember my family member I met with earlier this week? Well she came to church with us so that was really cool! We had a lesson with our investigator and we talked about baptism and she accepted a baptism date! Whoo hoo! That's two people we put on a baptism date this week, and they're actually progressing. Also our less active we've been working with? SHE PAID HER TITHING AND GOT HER RECOMMEND!!! So we're going to the temple with her on Saturday. :) I see so many miracles everyday here in New York. I love it! We also finished up the night with the churches Christmas devotional. Such a sweet message our apostles bring during Christmas time as they share their testimonies of the true meaning of Christmas. If you haven't watched the devotional yet I highly encourage you do! Ready? Set. Go! 
Well everybody that's my week for you! Hope you're all doing well and all getting excited for this Christmas season. Remember a savior was born so that we all can live again! :) I love hearing from all of you and hearing how things are going at home. Stay warm and drink lots of hot chocolate! Love you all!

Love, Sister Seay
P.s. Since we're going to the temple on Saturday that counts as my
Pday so I will write on Saturday not Monday. :)
1. Just a typical morning here on the mission

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