Saturday, December 12, 2015

Someone needs to exorcise my companion

Hello everybody! So in case you are wondering why I'm emailing you today is because were going to the temple!!! So today is our preparation day :) also on a side note sister Deuels anniversary temple trip is next week so I won't email till next Tuesday. Sorry it's such a long time but it's worth it. Seeing Christmas in Manhattan? Yes please.

Monday: So we had to be in our house all morning because we got wifi in our apartment so we had to be there while the guy was there but after that we went to the church and played board games which I totally dominated at. Don't ever play board games with me.... I get really competitive haha. It was really fun though and the elders are good competition. Then we went to our less actives and taught her and her kids while we made a Christmas craft and we took wine glasses and made a winter wonderland. Pictures for that to come!  
Tuesday: Well we spent all morning in district meeting and during district meeting our appointment canceled so that totally sucked but it's was okay because we were able to teach another investigator and it went really well! We taught the plan of salvation and she was so fascinated by the entire plan especially the sprit world and life after death. The rest of our day we spent in Brentwood and taught all our deaf people :) except in one lesson a chihuahua bit my nose! Super funny. Don't know why animals love attacking me suddenly. But here's a funny story, so while I was sleeping I got woken up by sister Deuel hysterically laughing. So I asked her why she was laughing and she just started laughing harder! This went on for like five minutes of her laughing and me yelling at her asking her why she's being so creepy. I nearly pooped my pants, it was like this little demonic child laughing in the middle of the night. But I couldn't stop her so I laid in bed till she fell back asleep.Then in the morning I asked her why she was laughing and it was because during one of our lessons the dog farted and she remembered it and busted up laughing. My companion nearly made me have a heart attack and or have an exorcism.

Wednesday: Happy birthday momma! You're so old now ;) just kidding. Today we had a zone meeting and it was amazing! Sister Deuel and I gave a workshop and I loved it because we didn't give it on the typical topics we normally do. We gave our training on how to be happy because there's a lot of depression going around the mission right now. It was so good and the spirit was so strong <3 we had another training on planning and then heard the testimonies of the departing missionaries leaving this transfer, so sweet and powerful. We finally were able to meet with a potential investigator we've been looking for for forever and we had an amazing lesson on the restoration with her. She had so many wonderful questions for us especially about suicide and her moms death. It lead right into the plan of salvation which was a great opportunity to make an appointment to come back (sneaky missionaries haha).

Thursday: This morning we went to a doctors appointment with our less active for her son but as we were driving  up she texted us and said the doctor wouldn't see him. She was bawling and the next opening wasn't till march and she was so worried about it. We went to lunch to get her mind off of things and to share a message with her. We had a great discussion about fasting and prayer and her son was all over me haha. He's so cute though! And we prayed and I'm not joking like two hours later she called us and said the doctor is going to see him on Monday! Hooray! The rest of the day we did some deaf lookups and lessons then we went to ASL class and it was a great time teaching everyone Christmas songs and Christmas signs. 
Friday: TODAY WAS SUCH A GOOD DAY!!! This morning we had a lesson set up but she canceled so we did some look ups and then we went knocking for forever. We also did a finding event where we made a poster and wrote 'He was born so I.....' And we went around Main Street and had people sign the poster. It was really successful :) We taught a less active tonight and she finally got her daughter to join in on our lesson but they were being such little punks! Every time we would talk they would make weird noises to block us out and then they just got into a fight and eventually left. It was a really awkward start of a lesson but their mom stayed and we read from the Book of Mormon and had a good lesson on the plan of salvation. Then we went to our less active who is coming to the temple with us and had one more final lesson before the temple :) she is so excited and was so happy. But while we were talking about the temple her son and I got talking and I eventually taught the entire plan of salvation to him while sister Deuel taught his mom haha. But it was such a good lesson and he was so interested and fascinated. He even said he would read and said he will have questions for next week! It was a miracle!!! Also we tried to find family names to take to the temple with us and we found 12 names from my family and six for the elders to take. Who knew I would be able to find so many names from my family! Yay!

Well that's all for now! I will write about the temple next Tuesday :) love and miss you all. Stay safe and warm, I'll be sure to take pictures of Manhattan for you all.

Love, Sister Seay

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