Monday, April 18, 2016

Pudding and Balloon Animals

Hello once again family and friends!! Hope you all had a wonderful week as always :) this week was pretty good and SO much better than last week is all I can say. Thank heavens!

Monday: Haha today for preparation day I think our minds officially snapped but we decided to play pudding uno. I guess it's a family tradition in Sister Provards family so we decided to do it since we're all by ourselves out in the boonies. So the loser of uno has to stick their face in a bowl of pudding haha I won twice in a row then sister Provard was finally able to take me down (video to watch haha!) We also had our lesson set with our wonderful family but they weren't home except for their daughter so we visited with her. She really needed a visit from us because she fractured her ankle the day before her birthday! What a great way to start off your adult life am I right? Haha

Tuesday: We had district meeting which was great at always and we had a great discussion about our investigators. Then we tried contacting a couple in our area book that we haven't been able to contact in a long time so we tried looking up their address and it didn't exist! So sad so we sadly had to let them go.... But hopefully some missionaries can contact them in the future :) We had a lesson with a less active member and we tried helping her with her testimony of the Book of Mormon. She has just been reading it because she knows we need to but doesn't really see the importance of it. Big problem right? So we cleared up the concerns and invited her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon for the right reasons this time. It was really good. The rest of the night we just did some less active and former investigator calls, nothing too fancy.

Wednesday: Today we started service at prospect park with our entire Zone and zone 2 so that was really fun. The park is HUGE and it was great being with the other zone. We mostly did pathways clean up but it was still awesome to help and people were walking by with their kids and were explaining how we were missionaries. Yes kids, listen to your parents! Then we headed up to English class and we were able to meet one last time with our upstate investigator. :( so sad she is leaving for good but hopefully we stay in contact with her. English class went really well and afterwards we had a little surprise party for our member because he is just so amazing and helps the missionaries so much and he hasn't even been a convert for a year! I just love him! So amazing. On the way home we met a man who just randomly makes ballon animals on the subway for fun. He literally spends his free time making ballon animals and sticking them on the poles of the train and giving them to people haha he gave me a ballon I felt pretty special :)

Thursday: We had service at Fort Green park today and we just moved a pile of rock to a different pile of rocks haha. So Random but then we helped spread some mulch around the trees. Am I a green thumb yet? Who knew I would be helping trees out here in New York City ;) After service we drove down to the border of our area and we had a lesson with an investigator that is on and off with us but we were able to sit down with her and have a lesson with her and her interest has peaked! So that's good news. I guess she tried coming to church last week but got confused on the way there so she just went back home. Shoot!

Friday: Zone Training Meeting!! Oh my... So wonderful. This zone is just the best. I had to give my testimony of finding people and at first I was like "Why in the world are the zone leaders asking me an, ASL sister, to share about finding?" We have the weirdest finding methods and half the time they do us no good haha so I was really confused but it really helped me realize how much I do enjoy about finding people and realizing no effort is wasted. Afterwards we went and met with our investigator who is just so amazing! Her fiancé was supposed to join our lesson for the first time but he got called into work so that was a bummer but we still had a great lesson with her as we reviewed the commandments. She also doesn't have any more sicknesses so she promised us she would come to church on Sunday :) hooray!

Saturday: We had to do weekly planning today due to our lessons being at crazy times and meeting, but hey as long as it gets done right? It was really good but didn't take too much of our time considering since we only have our few people haha. But we made some good plans to find more people. Afterwards we drove down to Staten Island to have our lesson with a less active member but she bailed on us....again. I swear we meet with her every other week haha. So we drove home and just contacted people all night. We're just planting seeds into hearts left and right.

Sunday: Church was really great today and guess what! Our investigator came to church today :) Hooray! So wonderful. I also gave a talk in church so that went really well. After church we had NO PLANS and since we have fears of talking to hearing people we made a goal an ASL group to do hearing contacts "seeds". So we started out knocking doors and it was an epic fail and I haven't knocked in such a long time haha but then we decided since it was such a nice day that people would be at the park. Boy oh boy were they at the park. Everyone and their dog (literally) was there and we were able to talk to 60 people! As time went on throughout the night our contacting got a lot better haha it's just the first few that are really awkward. I need to get better but hey learn and improve right? :)

Well that was my week everyone and I'm excited for another week. Hope you all have a great week and I will be sure to write again next week. Love and miss you all, thanks for all the love and support you have given me :)

Love, Sister Seay

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