Monday, September 28, 2015

This is the story of how I could have almost died

Hello everybody!!!!! :) Another great week here in good ol New YorkNew York. It's was a pretty busy week. It was nice to be so busy. introductions are always so lame. By the way if you're wondering why I never put names of investigators it's because it's a mission rule! Sorry :)
Monday: Pday glorious Pday. We went to target today to buy some stuff we needed. I bought a comforter so I don't only have one thin blanket to sleep with during these upcoming winter months. Man I sound like an unprivileged orphan or something, I swear the mission is good to us! We also got our first New York bagels and I'm pretty sure I will never eat bagels the same ever again. Sadly our Pday ended early because we had to meet with the sister training leaders for an exchange. Sister Deuel and I stayed in south shore with sister cook while sister Layton went with sister Beecher to plainview. So before our appointment that night we decided to knock some doors and sister cook is fearless. This one man answered the door and said he wasn't interested in learning then slammed the door but I guess sister cook wasn't done talking to him so she rang the doorbell! Such a bold move, he glad opened the door shared some not so kind words then slammed the door again. Then we went to our less active members lesson and she had so much faith but no testimony in the Book of Mormon, so we've been freaking out all week over this lesson because we had no idea what to teach her. But as we were talking to her she was saying how she felt like she was the spiritual leader of the house and she wants her husband to be and she wants to do her role and support her husband not lead the house. We testified of the priesthood and as we were talking she broke down crying. We all sat in silence then asked her how she felt and she said overwhelmed with the spirit. We told her we know the spirit of telling her what we were teaching was true, but she said she would pray about it. However, she said we could come back! I didn't even nearly describe how amazing that lesson was. Probably the best lesson I've taught. Miracles happen people!

Tuesday: we didn't do a ton of stuff today because we were still on exchanges but we did meet with a potential investigator. We've been trying for weeks to have a lesson with her and we finally go ahold of her! She has vertigo so she is always sick and dizzy. She told us she wants to give up and is afraid she will lose her job. :( she's so young too, has an eight year old son and everything. We tried to comfort her and said how Heavenly Father gives his hardest trials to his strongest solders. Not to sure how she took it but she was crying by the end of the lesson. She's just lacking faith because it's been so long and so hard. We tried doing more lookups but no one was home so eventually we had to drive to plainview to switch back companions.
Also in plainview we had a meeting with the stake president to discuss the deaf work in his stake and he talked to us for two hours. He talked about how we all need to have inner light and how to show that to our investigators, then he said our strongest deaf members were weak members. It's impossible. They're the strongest members of our ward, we were dumbfounded. Although there's just such a language barrier, so after a two hour meeting we still don't know what to do about the deaf work and were pretty sure the stake president doesn't either. The meeting was more for us. I don't know we are going to have to think about what he said for the next two weeks. It was just so confusing. 
Wednesday: Today we went to the city!!! We had trainer/training meeting so we all had to go to the mission office all day. Basically the summary of the meeting was the importance of studies and we all got permission to start driving. Oh! We also got new mission rules. Yep, new mission president, new rules. Nothing too bad changed but we can't listen to music like Disney or anything that doesn't have a gospel message and families are no longer allowed to pick up their missionaries in our mission. I think the new rules will be really good for us though. I'm excited to see how things will be! Also during our meeting elder brown (he's dead and from Tonga) made me interpret for him. He wouldn't let me say no... I guess he likes my signing or something. I will forever dread meetings haha. Once we got home we ate really fast then we were off to our next appointment. We finished teaching the restoration but he doesn't know a ton of sign language so we're not exactly sure how much he really understands. It will be a very slow process. So when we were walking to our door our neighbors came outside and told us our fire alarm has been going off for an hour or two. So since it obviously wasn't on fire we went inside and not only discovered our fire alarm was going off but also our CO2 alarm. Not willing to risk it I threw open a window and we all ran outside and called our housing coordinator. When we called them they told us to call the fire department in case it really is carbon monoxide. So we called them and told them it wasn't an emergency but then the next thing we know the entire fire department is in front of our house, light flashing, police officers and firefighters all over the street. We were so embarrassed it was like someone was just murdered. Our neighbors were probably like, "those dang Mormons again..." They ran a couple tests and nothing showed up so they assume it was just faulty batteries. Even more embarrassing. When we told our housing coordinator they just couldn't stop laughing. I'm just glad the fire department wasn't mad but hey we talked to them about our church for a little bit so maybe Heavenly Father just had a sense of humor and decided that's how we were supposed to find them haha. Still so embarrassed but at least we're not dying of carbon monoxide poising tonight.

Thursday: today's deaf day was an epic fail. All of our deaf lessons fell through except one. Our one deaf lesson was with our cute little member and we went over the plan of salvation again and it finally clicked in her brain. We were ecstatic! We also found a deaf person today! We taught her he restoration and it went well but she's meeting with a pastor so we have some competition ;) then we had ASL class and that's always a good time ha but afterwards we went over to our recent converts house and reviewed the law of chastity and it was the funniest law of chastity lesson I have ever taught. She cracks me up she was acting out how we should and shouldn't kiss with her hands, we were dying. The sister Deuel and her conversation.... Oh my okay it went like this: Sister Deuel: "what do we do about pornography again?" Sister: "Pornography? I love it!" All of our faces were shocked then she busted up laughing and said she was kidding. But that wasn't all... She told us she wanted a seahorse tattoo and we were like "would you put a seahorse on the temple?" And she responds very seriously, " I would if they would let me." *face palm* I have no idea how we managed to convince her not to get a tattoo haha it was so difficult. Yep, that was Thursday.
Friday: So this morning we were all discouraged because all of our lessons fell through. Yep all of them. So we had a ton of time to kill so we just drove around till we found this cute little street and we were just like Heavenly Father please help us find a new investigator. Guess what, a couple houses down we found one! He's an old man who retired awhile ago because he has Parkinson's disease. We taught him a lesson and he had a lot of questions for us because he's been meeting with the Jehovah's witnesses so he was confused on how they were different. And here I was worried I would have a problem with more gay people but it's these dang Jehovah's witnesses. It's like a turf battle or something haha. Thankfully he didn't like the Jehovah's
witnesses message but he loved ours so we're going back next week! It's just funny because one second you're like what's going on up there Heavenly Father and then two seconds later he's like "you really think I've forgotten about you?!" He always answers prays, if that's the one thing you get out of this email please let it be that. We had district knocking again tonight and we met the scariest people. One old man just started talking about how good we smelled and how beautiful we were and then started talking about pedophiles. Like saying all the facts about them, then happened to name off every kid that lives on the block. Sick nasty. Pretty sure you're the pedophile sir. Also some guy released his dog on the elders and the same guy tried to run us over with his car. Are New Yorkers just charming? :)

Saturday: well we didn't do a ton today because we had the general women's meeting for conference and that was amazing!! If you didn't watch I highly recommend you do. Like right now. Today we went and visited one of our members houses and then they gave us both of their neighbors as referrals. And we have a return appointment with both of them. Members are the key people!!! One of his neighbors was born and raised in New York while the other one came from Peru a couple years ago. Fancy stuff right? I love Spanish people, they're just so welcoming. We went and saw our vertigo investigator and that lesson was so awkward. Her mom was there and they were just arguing the entire time. If anyone knows how to help severely depressed people let me know. (Mom you're a therapist, give me some tips! Haha) yep that's all we did then we headed over to the conference meeting. I seriously can't wait for next week.

Sunday: so here's a little tender mercy for you. The other day we tried to meet with our deaf investigator but he wasn't home so we just kept (or attempted to) speak with his mom. She's from El Salvador and hardly speaks English. Her other son was translating for us and somehow we managed to get her information to give to the Spanish sisters. Well I guess they had a good lesson because they all came to church. The entire family. Miracles. So many miracles. Later that night we studies the Book of Mormon with our deaf couple over Skype and it went so well. I honestly think their hearts are starting to be softened. The Book of Mormon is true everyone. Everything can be answered if you have a testimony in the Book of Mormon. True biz.
Well that was my week. Pretty interesting right? From calling the fire department to meeting a pedophile and being almost mowed over by a anti-mormon it was pretty great. Haha I love New York, as crazy as that sounds. Hope you are all doing well and know I miss and love you all!! :)

Love, Sister Seay

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