Friday, July 31, 2015

Flirt to Convert, Am I Right?

Hey friends and family! So I am still alive so that's wonderful news. I have so much to say and not enough time so sorry for the short introduction.
Friday (last P-day): So we had all these plans to go to the temple and stuff but we all forgot that Pioneer Day was an actual holiday so the temple and all the stores were closed, so that was a bummer but we had a district volleyball competition. Elders against Sisters and though we couldn't keep score lets just say that sisters dominated. We got assigned our first investigator named Kam and that was pretty nerve wrecking on our second day but somehow we managed through that lesson. We learned SO much in such little time.
Saturday: Our first day with nine hours worth of class. We were all trying so hard not to fall asleep the entire day. We all learned how to pray in ASL so we can only sign out prayers now. Yikes. So among our many hours of class we are blessed with a blessed hour of gym time. Sister Provard and I take it seriously and lets just say that we are going to be good looking by the time we get home. So this week I've been studying Job in the Old Testament and he is my new favorite scripture story. He went through so many trials yet he remained faithful the entire time. We should all strive to be as faithful as Job and turn to our Heavenly Father in times of trouble. Also in class we watched a video from Jeffery R. Holland and he said something really powerful, "Everything in the conversion process must happen to you before it can happen to them." So true. If we don't believe it ourselves we cant go and teach others and expect them to agree with it.

Sunday: So I keep hearing that if I make it to Sunday I can make it the rest of the time I'm in the MTC (you can stop worrying now Rett haha). In Sacrament no one knew how to play the piano so they made me play and it was probably the most terrifying experience of my life, so now I have to practice like crazy. I cried for the first time on my mission and no it wasn't because I missed my family (Sorry mom) but it was because we watched a dang Mormon Message!! One sister started crying and it was like a chain reaction. The elders may think we're insane but its totally fine. Later we all walked to the temple to take pictures and even though we were dripping in sweat we managed to have a good time. Our district went to choir practice before the devotional and geez did I miss music! So pretty much ASL missions are the best missions because we had reserved seats for all the devotionals because we have to have interpreters. So all the other missions can just be jealous haha. The first devotional was hilarious and it was about motivation and to never give up. Great first topic don't you agree? haha

Monday: We taught our investigator Kam and the lesson went so amazingly well. We left him beaming with happiness and jumping down the hallways. He has to figure out what to do with his girlfriend that lives with him but he wants to gospel. My ASL is coming along very well but there are still some rough patches. I'll just keep chugging along.
Tuesday: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CHANDLER AND DAKOTA!!!! Anyways back to my day :) We had to go do a service assignment and it was basically cleaning classrooms. So before Sister Provard and I went into our lesson with Kam we were really nervous to see what his decision was about his girlfriend but Elder Holstead shared us this amazing story. Thousands of years ago the Japanese were really into pottery. When a pot would break, instead of throwing it away they would take the pieces and put them back together using silver and gold making the pot more valuable. He then compared it to our mistakes and trials, and how even when we break we can be fixed through the atonement and it will make us more valuable in the end. Awesome story right?! So as soon as we sit down with Kam he says, "I know you have a lesson planned but I really need you to give me a reason why it would be worth it to leave Kim and join the church." So our lesson was completely thrown out the window but it was the BEST lesson. The gift of tongues is real because I have no idea what I was saying. However, we convinced him to leave Kim and we set a baptism date. Whoo hoo! Too bad that they are paid actors. At the devotional we discovered that all the ASL missionaries were going to sign in the chior at the devotional so that was a shock. We were panicking to learn the song within five minutes but thankfully we pulled it off. Later as we were getting ready for bed we found the creepiest orange looking creature in our air vent. It has a face painted on it and it even has a sombrero! We have named in Diablo and have accepted him into our home.
Wednesday: First week officially completed! Its so fun yelling "Welcome to the MTC!" to all the new elders and sisters. So today was our last lesson with Kam and I had my first mess up with the language... you ready for this? So I was telling him "Were just here to remind you today" and I ended up saying "Were just here to flirt with you today". I was so embarrassed when he told me. I promise I'm not flirting with investigators but hey flirt to convert am I right? Our class after lunch is always so hard to focus in but I heard about this thing called Self Control is really cool. I think I'll try that out. Here is when I shout out to my mom for the cookies. YOU'RE THE BEST MOM! I took them to class and it was like watching a pack of wolves devouring there kill. It was truly terrifying.

Thursday: Happy deaf day! Today we had to go the entire day just signing. It was so difficult! We had to do another service assignment and now that I think about it, is it really service if were forced to do it? Well let me just say I love scrubbing toilets and I may have sang Cinderella songs to express my inner feelings but all in all the MTC is great! In class I learned I'm awful at watching people finger spell. Who knew that Ibuprofen had a U in it. We also got a new investigator named Veronica and were teaching her Monday Whoop Whoop!
Well that all my crazy adventures for this week!! I love and miss you all! :) Hope you are all doing well and staying out of trouble! Until next week!

Love, Sister Seay
P.S I have to send pictures in the laundry room so you shall receive them later today! :)

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