Friday, July 24, 2015

First Week in the MTC! Well Kinda...

Wow wow wow!!!! That is all I can really say about my first couple days in the MTC. Saying goodbye to you all was hard but as soon as I walked away I have been fine ever since, and frankly you don't really ever have time to think about your family here! I was walking around like a lost puppy for a good hour but thankfully I made it to my classroom where I met my companion Sister Provard. She is super amazing and nice and I am so grateful for that. She is from West Jordan.
When we got to our classroom were we in for a treat. Our teacher doesn't speak a work. EVER. I thought I knew a good amount of sign language before I came here and HOLY MOLEY GUACAMOLE was I wrong. Everyone is so advanced while me and my companion understand maybe every other 16th word. But it will be great because we will learn so much faster with everyone else being able to sign so well already. After we met our teacher we went to orientation with all the new missionaries. 740 missionaries entered on Wednesday with me and of them 31 missionaries were ASL speaking. That is the most they have ever had in the MTC so were already breaking records here. Afterwards we went to dinner and none of us were really hungry because we were all told we would be eating late but in all reality we ate at 4:45. Way way early. After eating dinner we went straight to training and taught three different investigators, although they call the investigators "friends of the church" and I thought that was really amazing. The lessons went really well and its awesome to listen to what other people were thinking. Although there was one lesson that went downhill so fast and the lesson ended with her believing that God lived on another planet. It was hard to come back after that but somehow we managed. Later that night we met our zone leaders and branch president and they are all wonderful people. We are always laughing and having a good time.
On Thursday we woke up at the crack of dawn to shower and get ready for our day. Lets just take a second and talk about these showers okay? So these showers are either colder that Antarctica or hotter than africa and sadly I got the freezing cold one. Also they are two feet taller than me so I like have to jump to get wet haha. We went to breakfast and honestly the food here isn't as bad as everyone says. And by the way the orange juice didn't give me weird dreams so that MTC myth is out of the question. Sister Provard and I are so lost in our class but we learned so much for just one day and we ended up being able to share a brief testimony by the end of it. So thats good!! We are progressing but very very slowly but surely. The other sisters in my room are so amazing and they are helping us a ton. For gym time we all played an intense game of four square, who knew that this game could get intense right? For the rest of the night we met with our branch president and had interviews with him. While we were waiting for our interviews we just sat and talked to our district. My district is so funny I love them all so much. The elders are hilarious and especially this one deaf elder his name is Elder Broswig and he has such a great sense of humor, he even makes fun of the fact that he is deaf but he knows how to make a hard thing into a positive and we all look up to him for that.

Today is Pday and its so weird not having to constantly be somewhere!! But were writing and then headed over to the temple to attend the ASL session so wish me luck!! I feel like so much has happened since I've said goodbye to you all but then again I have only been gone for two days haha. I hope you are all doing well and know I am doing great :) Love you all!!!

 -Sister Seay
P.S. Im not sure if I will be able to send pictures in the MTC but I will try to figure it all out for you guys. Well until next Friday!!

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