Monday, December 28, 2015


Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and had the chance to remember the true meaning of why we celebrate this season. :) I am not excited for 2016 because I'll still be writing 2015 on everything for months! Haha

Tuesday: Our preperation day was today because sister Deuel hit her six month mark and got to go to her anniversary temple trip. So I had to stay in Bayshore in a trio with two hermanas (sister Spanish missionaries) I've seemed to notice that the Spanish missionaries never seem to be around their companions. I can't tell you how many times I found myself alone.  It was like I was in a trio with elder Vorhees and Elder Matthews all day because they both always disappeared on me haha. Oops. We just played card games and basketball all day. Then we went to a referral from a RM and when we met with them they said the missionaries were always over but we found out they knew nothing about our church. Only that we don't drink. Strange.... Oh well we are going to teach them haha! 
Wednesday: So we had district meeting today as always and talked about the same old stuff. We finally found our old lady investigator!!! I was so happy because I totally thought something awful happened to her. I guess she's been in and out of the hospital. Then we had to weekly plan but it wasn't too bad because we were planning for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and we weren't going to do a lot so it went by quickly. Later that night we went back to our golden street we found the other day and had a return appointment :) then we went and deliver secret Santa gifts to some ward members who needed some help for Christmas this year and they were so grateful. So special to witness that.

Thursday: This morning we woke up really early because we had our Christmas devotional at the mission office and we had to plan for a lot of traffic, we ended up being an hour early but so worth it because we were able to help the assistants and president and sister Reynolds set up. We had a breakfast and lunch and there was so much food. The entire mission was there so it was good to see old missionaries :) all the zones performed their Christmas songs and I was crying I was laughing so hard. A senior couple also spoke for over an hour about the book of Isaiah and the room was so HOT. You can just know that people were dropping like flies in there. We also talked about the 2016 mission goals for that year. Amazing things will happen in 2016, I know it because president Reynolds sets practical goals that we all feel attached to so once the hype goes away we will still be motivated because our goals really are obtainable. 
Friday: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Today was such a good day! We started the day off by going to a members house to have breakfast and then we went home to skype our families and it was awesome. Sorry I was so nervous family haha it was like talking face to face with your crush for the first time. So nerve racking haha. We mostly just hung out at our apartment all day because we couldn't go out and work but we did have a dinner appointment so that was really nice and we just spent the rest of the night there :) It was nice to be included in the members Christmas. One of the best Christmases I've had.

Saturday: We were stuck in the house all afternoon because we had to have our mandatory deep clean, it was really good though because our house was a disaster. I've never seen so many boxes in my life. But we took down all our Christmas decorations and now our apartment is just sad again, Christmas magic ruined. Then we went to Brentwood and we taught our member and recent convert :) both were really good lessons but our recent converts mom is still offended at the church so she's still not going but him and his little brother are still rockstars and are still going every week. Today was also really sad because we found out that when our investigator was in surgery they found stage-3 cancer :( she starts chemo this week. She's so scared for what is to come. Hopefully we can give her some peace 
Sunday: Well we had ward council early this morning and I don't know why we were there because they were planning for the entire year and it had nothing to do with us so oh well we could just throw in comments to help other people I guess. Church was really good but our deaf members had to leave after sacrament so we actually went to normal Sunday school and didn't have to interpret. So weird. We had a party after church for one of our members turning 95! Then we had a few lessons but they told us they weren't interested anymore so that sucked but we met with a different investigator and we taught her the plan of salvation and she said it was the best thing she's ever heard than any other religion she's heard about. I'm still so pumped about it.

Well that was my week everyone, we didn't too a ton because of the holidays but oh well it was still a good week. Lots of spiritual uplifting . Last week of the transfer so we will see if sister Deuel or I stay here in south shore! Let you know next week :) Love and miss you all.

Love, Sister Seay

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