Monday, January 4, 2016

Transfers! And the verdict is...

Hello everyone!!! It's crazy to think I haven't written since last year!! Ha ha I'm hilarious I know. Well it was the last week of the transfer and this morning we got transfer calls and I am.... *drum roll* staying in south shore with sister Deuel! 4 transfers and still going strong. Not going to lie we were really surprised that it is staying the same, oh well it will be another amazing transfer!

Monday: Nothing too spectacular sister Deuel wanted to go shopping down on this one old vintage Main Street, it was super cute if you would even consider paying over 150$ for a tank top or anything else on that street. Then we went back to our apartment and accidentally fell asleep...oops. But we still managed to get everything done so that's good! We went and taught our less active about the word of wisdom again and it went really well she still isn't smoking and she said she was teasing about drinking so we will see if she is telling the truth or not. We didn't end up teaching her son this time but it was okay because it was a lesson more focused for her anyways. We also taught our other less active and we committed her to stop smoking cigarettes by New Years!! Hopefully it goes well :) I know she can do it. 

Tuesday: We had district meeting super early because the other sisters scheduled appointments during that time but it's okay we forgave them because they brought us chips and dip. Who can stay mad when they do that? ;) Today was our Brentwood day and we were able to teach our member and our recent convert :) Both are still doing really well and are growing more and more everyday. We tried to do look ups but no one answered so we decided to call our deaf couple :) I love them.

Wednesday: We went back to the ranch again for more service and it was so cold!!  The temperature might say it warm but always look at the wind because that's what makes it 10-20 degrees colder. Yikes. It also was our less actives birthday so we were able to work with her on her birthday so that was cool except it felt so bad because I went to take a picture with the llama and after the picture she went up to kiss it and right when they were 2 centimeters away the llama spit right in her mouth!!! So nasty, I felt so bad. Especially since it was her birthday. Then we went to a new less active members house and taught her a lesson I just felt so bad for her because she wants to go back to church but she said her husband would seriously divorce her if she did. So sad :( 
Thursday: New Year's Eve!! Our day was short but we were able to teach our investigator with a member and it honestly was the worst lesson ever. The member just kept teaching and teaching and it got so off subject and he kept teaching such deep doctrine and I'm sure it all went over his head. Hopefully he didn't get scared off. The rest of the night we were on lockdown so we had to keep things interesting and pretty much to sum up what we did we drank our body weight in soda. I've never felt more sick in my life. It also didn't help how much cookie dough we ate haha.

Friday: First day of 2016 and we started it off by doing weekly planning at Starbucks (deaf people love Starbucks) and something cool actually happened!! As we were planning we saw two deaf woman so naturally and beautifully go up to them and talk with them. And though they weren't interested they were interested in starting a deaf club here that is family focused! This might be the opportunity we needed to meet more deaf people! Sweet we are so excited to start working with them and hopefully seeing the deaf work grow here on Long Island. Then the rest of the day we drove out to the rest of the island and did look ups out in river head and Hampton bay (oh yeah rich people houses!) so that was really cool but no success but once we got home we went knocking in the pounding hail. Yay. Haha got to love it! It was really good though :) 
Saturday: We were finally able to meet with our less active family so that was really cool and got to know them quickly and was able to set up a return appointment with them since they didn't have a lot of time so that was good :) Then we went knocking for the rest of the day and of course we had no success until the very last house (typical right haha) but it was so cool because she was a single mom and was really interested in us teaching her son so we set up a time to come back to visit with the two of them. We also did some phone games (deaf knocking) and had a lot more success with that, we were able to teach three lesson in one hour. That never happens! #miracles

Sunday: First week with 9 o'clock church and our entire schedule was so off, it was so strange. But church went really well and had a wonderful fast and testimony meeting. After church we did our studies and I can't even explain how weird it was to have studies in the middle of the afternoon haha but after studies we went to our deaf couples house and had dinner with them :) Those two are so cute and we had a delicious meal. Afterward we just did some deaf look ups and tried to see our investigator but she wasn't home so that pretty much sums it all up! 
Well I hope you are all excited to start this new year and I invite you all to read the story about lots wife in the Old Testament. As we start these new goals and lives this new year try not to look (or reflect) back on the things you've put behind you. I wish you all the best 2016!! It will be an amazing year here in New York :) Love and miss you all! \,,/_

Love, Sister Seay

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