Saturday, January 16, 2016

Three hours, dozens of trash bags, and one broken sink

Hello everyone!!! Well it's been another interesting week here in New York filled with lots of new stories so here we go....

Monday: So after transfer calls and us freaking out about us staying here in south shore we went to the church to play games with some members which was really fun yet terrifying at the same time. The members get REALLY into the game haha. We were expecting today to be really stressful because we thought one of us would have to pack but it ended up being a really chill day. We went to our less active families house to borrow something and while we were there her daughter made me read a pamphlet to her which she likes to call "her Jesus books" and she showed us how she prayed, I about died of the cuteness! See the video below. :)

Tuesday: SUPER LONG DAY OF DRIVING!! So we dedicated the day to only deaf look ups and they all happened to live close to the city so we had to drive super far and was in the car all day. Totally worth it though because we were able to contact a ton of them! I swear we WILL finish all of these referrals before our missions end! But since we were that far west we decided to visit our deaf less active member and we decided to teach her about family history and temple work and she was SO excited! I guess it has been something on her mind for a really long time and she just kept saying, "Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, you always know what's on my mind!" It was so cute she was clapping and jumping up and down, she even wants to go to church and everything but she doesn't like how there isn't an interpreter so that's the only reason why she doesn't go... We will fix that!!

Wednesday: We had district meeting today and President Reynolds decided to combined our district with the Spanish district so now we have 10 people in our district. Crazy, and it's trilingual so that's pretty cool. We had some lessons fall through so we tried to do some look ups but they all kept getting mad at us because someone had recently stopped by? Turns out it was the elders... Oops. Dang elders never updating our area book ;) haha just kidding. But then we met with the stake president about moving to Bayshore which went really well.

Thursday: Today was an interesting day... Haha so we stopped by the other sisters apartment and we went inside and we were mortified. It was so nasty and they knew it too. So since it was so nasty and we probably wouldn't have been able to sleep at night knowing that was there sister Deuel and I decided to surprise them and clean their apartment. It only took three hours, dozens of trash bags, and one broken sink to finish haha. Sister Deuel tried to tighten a pipe under the sink or something and it completely fell off so we almost flooded their apartment and had to take all of their moldy dishes to our apartment to wash them. All of them had mold on them. It took us all that time and we still didn't finish all of it. It was crazy. The videos don't even do justice, there was trash everywhere and I never knew sister missionaries could have so many clothes, and SO MUCH HAIR! Don't worry the other sisters said I could write about this haha they're even sending home these videos to their families haha. Oh we also taught our investigator tonight and we showed her the Joseph smith video and she kept saying how much she enjoyed it so hopefully she will come around and stop being a stubborn teenager haha. Cross your fingers.

Friday: We had weekly planning today which took a little longer because we set goals as a companionship for the transfer and it will be awesome. I love transfer planning because it just motivates you and pumps you up! We also got new neighbors today and it's a mom and daughter! Sweet they're both super sweet and are from North Carolina. We went to Brentwood and taught all our kiddos and it was wonderful. One of our investigators still wants to be baptized in March and his gospel knowledge has increased like crazy. Little miracle of the day. Our recent convert is still doing wonderful and is still going to church every week with his little brother.

Saturday: For the day we went to mastic and did look ups and had some lessons with investigators we don't get to see that often so that was awesome. Then we saw our less active family and had a great lesson. The mom really appreciated us coming over and she's been having a really hard time so we were glad we were able to help her even with the simple things. When we got home we decided to drop off some cookies we made for our new neighbors and when the door opened we found about six different college boys and I guess one of them lives there? But all night they were smoking weed and freestyle rapping all night.... It was really entertaining really haha. But super distracting but maybe he goes to college and was just helping his mom and sister move? Who knows! Also something really cool happened!!! So we received an email from president informing us that we were specially invited to attend a missionary leadership meeting and we get to go with all the zone leaders, assistants, and sister training leaders to meet with some people from the missionary department! So cool right! We're freaking out and so stoked so I will tell you how that goes next week :)

Sunday: Something interesting happened today at church! Right before church started the branch president of the deaf branch in Manhattan walked in with a woman who is blind and deaf! She is here for three months and is a member from California so it was really interesting to communicate with her. You have to put her hands on yours and sign (so different) I also embarrass myself while in interpreting for sacrament so that's whatever... I have no idea why they keep letting me interpret... It's just weird every time I do it. But after church we had to interpret for one of our deaf members for a meeting with the bishop and it was about moving to Bayshore and his opinion and we found out that they want to move us to Bayshore within a few weeks! So crazy. We will see for sure when it will be.

Well that was my week! Hope you all have a great week and I'm excited for another week! :) love and miss you all!

Love, Sister Seay

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