Monday, May 23, 2016

Hello everyone! I hope your week was just fabulous :) We killed it this first week to kick off this new transfer. Which I am so grateful for, there's nothing like starting a new transfer, its like starting all over again and we just clear your mind even if you don't get a new companion haha but I just adore sister Provard (and I'm not just saying that because she's on my weekly ;) ). I'm not too sure how much I will be able to write back today because we have interviews with President Reynolds, but I will try my best!

Monday: As you all know we got transfer calls and we found out that sister Provard and I are staying together for another six weeks! Whoop whoop. So we just emailed and hung out around Astoria for the day, as usual. :) We were supposed to have a lesson with our family but everyone but one daughter wasn't home so we just had a lesson with her, but it was great and she has such a connection with the plan of salvation it is so amazing to see her testimony grow.

Tuesday: So even though we weren't being transferred we still ended up going to the mission office to help all the elders move their luggage because we're the only city missionaries with a car. And Elders say that sisters have a ton of stuff....good heavens haha they're just as bad. But I got to see sister Deuel again! I miss her so much, don't worry sister Deuel we shall be together again one day haha! But they will kill it out in Bayshore and it will be so good for the deaf group :) Moving all of the elders stuff took most of the day but we were able to call our investigator and she is still in a lot of pain and she cries every Sunday because she can't go to church, it's so sad to see her so sad!

Wednesday: We had a lesson one of our investigators (remember the one that believes President Monson but not Joseph Smith? Yeah that one) and she told us she feels she is ready for baptism but because of her husbands actions (he's a member) she doesn't want to be baptized because he doesn't seem to change with the gospel, even though he's a really less active member. She even wants to pay tithing and fast offerings, the entire situation is odd but we're slowly working on it! Then we had our first district meeting with our new district and my new district leader is my old zone leader from south shore! We have a really good district so I'm really excited to work with all of them :) We had a lesson with a less active member and had a really good discussion with her and talked about missionary work and trying to introduce her boyfriend to the gospel. We got to her send him a link to so we will find out what he said about that this coming week. Crossing our fingers!

Thursday: We had service this morning at Fort Green as always and we were wondering why some of our zone was so late but it's because we had a mission wide conference call with President and Sister Reynolds and WE FORGOT ABOUT IT! Haha oops and of course it was one where President Reynolds called on Sister Provard to read a scripture.... Awkward.... Sister Reynolds is so sweet though because she called us that night making sure we were okay and still alive. Well after service we had weekly planning and then we just did phone games and we were able to have two lessons! So awesome because we haven't had that happen in awhile. Tender Mercies everyday. It amazing to witness when people aren't interested at all when they first answer but when we talk to them by the end of the phone call they either have a better opinion on Mormons or are actually interested. The spirit is the true converter....we just lucky enough to witness it everyday.

Friday: We had service at the senior center finally after three weeks! It was so good seeing everyone again :) Afterwards we had look ups and referrals to contact all day but it was still a good day and we traveled all through out Flushing which is basically driving through Korea or China so it's always a good time haha. Then we just spent the night "planting seeds" aka talking to people on the street and hoping they will be harvested one day in the future :)

Saturday: We had correlation meeting with the north elders and our branch president and it went really well as always. Our member Talvin has been joining us for the past few weeks now and it's great to have a member there to give us feedback. Then we went out to East New York to do some less active look ups, we were able to see a few but not everyone was home oh well.

Sunday: Church was awesome as always and all the members were so happy to see that sister Provard is staying haha I love seeing our members get so excited. After church we went back out to Flushing to have a lesson with an investigator I had never met before but she is SOOO smart and I can see her will to change the only thing is she thinks her kids are too young to go to church, at least that was her concern before. But I did get a referral in Spanish so let's be proud of my for a second and I had a Spanish restoration pamphlet in my bag and he read the entire thing while we were talking with him. So awesome. We were supposed to have a lesson with one woman but she talks so much we weren't able to say one thing! Haha but I did ask how many kids she had and that was a BAD IDEA! She just went off and next thing I know she swore like 50 times (yes deaf people do swear), I guess it was a
bad experience? Oops..... My bad.....

All in all we had a great week and I'm excited for all the time I have here. :) just remember I love and miss you all so much and I'm grateful for all you do for me by supporting me! Talk to you all soon.

Love, Sister Seay

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