Monday, May 30, 2016

Crazy People of New York

Hello friends and family!!! Hope you're all doing swell and enjoying your Memorial Day! Sorry everyone but I don't have a ton of time to email today. We are helping a member move and also going to a BBQ with our zone :) So if I don't write you back I'll be sure to write you back next week! Sorry these past two weeks have kinda been crazy for us on Monday, but we had a pretty cool week with some awesome experiences, hope you enjoy!

Monday: Had president interviews which is wonderful as always! I love president Reynolds and all of the wonderful council that he give us. Not only was I called to be here in New York at this time but I was also called to be here with the Reynolds. Sister Reynolds is just so amazing as well and she's like my mom while I'm out here :) I just love those two so much!  After interviews our lesson fell through so we went home to do phone games and ended up having a lesson with a new investigator...sort of. She loves just talking with the sisters but we don't know how interested in the gospel she really is.

Tuesday:  Miracle day that started off as nothing, literally. We had no plans for the day because it all got switched around. The office elders called to bring us new beds (yea!!) so we couldn't be home when they came over. Well....might as look some people up. Headed to Bushwick with no real plan and ended up meeting with a ton of less actives and potential investigators! We have 5 return appointments next week! Then we went and just planted seeds at the park for the rest of the night. Cool story, while we were walking to the park we got a text from a hearing less active we met on the train last week. She grew up learning a bit of ASL in Utah and now wants to learn more. She also said that she wants to get back in the church thing and come to the deaf branch:) looks like we have some hearing lessons ahead of us!

Wednesday:  Started off early today with going to see Other one of our investigators but She was on a phone call and said it would be a while so we said hellos and goodbyes then headed off to service at Prospect Park. I love just putting on some shorts and getting down in the dirt sometimes haha it's the best! But then we had to book it up to district meeting which is wonderful as normal with our fearsome district. Then we went out to meet with Lillian, she didn't show so we just did some look ups. Funny thing is that I typed them into the gps and we ended up being at the bottom of Brooklyn... Oh well we had a wonderful deep conversation about life as we drove :) I freaking love Sister Provard! She's amazing!

Thursday:  We met an interesting woman in the train down to service today that was trying to get us to go to her church. Sorry ma'am but do you see this badge? It was a great conversation :) got our hands dirty once again! Nothing beats serivce! ....well except for missionary work! We went back home and then went to the park for
weekly planning and then planting seeds and then back home for some follow ups and reminders :) Tonight I got called a rebel and that because I was wearing yellow that I am looking for a boyfriend 😂 then proceed to tell me how to break up with a boyfriend the SIMPLE WAY. Which was to tell him I had a dream that Jesus needed me as a nun and so I need to go buy a black dress and when he came and visited me I needed to be praying like a crazy person and he would leave me. Obviously so simple. Am I right? Then he told me how to find a new boyfriend hahahahaha which was to go to the supermarket and find a man and then bump into him and say "oh my gosh I'm so sorry here's my number I'll buy you coffee next week" that's the SIMPLE WAY apparently, not just asking some one on a date, that's too difficult. I've been living my life wrong all this time. I love the crazy people of New York!

Friday: Service again! I got a super bad tan line at service haha I guess that's what I get for being able to tan really fast. Then out to just a bunch of dropped appointments. Oh well I guess we're going to plant a ton of seeds then :)

Saturday: Looks like an early humid summer!!! Yyyaaaayyyy I so happy it's finally hot! We went to see our investigator who is amazing! Her family is so cute and today we just read the Book of Mormon to emphasize the scripture importance and after a few versus she just wanted to keep reading! You could just see the light in her eyes as she was reading and becoming familiar with the words. My testimony of the scriptures has grown soooo much in my mission, especially the Book of Mormon. After we visited her walked up and down Manhattan for a few random potentials but no success.

Sunday:  I'm so glad for preach my gospel! It really helps when we are just thrown into teaching relief society on the spot. But we thought one of my favorite topics, The Atonement! One of the best classes so far I think! The atonement is just so powerful! Seeing testimonies about it almost brings tears to your eyes because it's just that wonderful :) I really don't know where I would be in my life without that testimony and blessing.

Thank you all so much for your love and support! I hope you have a great holiday and hopefully nothing crazy will happen next Monday so I can actually wrote all of you Haha but I figured my highest priority was this weekly so hopefully you enjoyed it :)

Love, Sister Seay

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