Monday, September 19, 2016

We got the job!

Hello everyone! Hope you're all swell today. So it's was the last week of the transfers so you guessed it transfer calls were this morning! Drum roll please....*distant drumming* ME AND DEUEL ARE IN! So that means I'll be sending deuel home after these next six weeks 💔 nooooo. At the end of this transfer we will have been together a total of nine months together. Half our missions people! Good thing I like her ;) 

Well some exciting stuff happened this week people! First off our investigator Jessica got a job at forever 21! Whoo hoo! We helped her fill out some paperwork this morning and she's all set to go. She even has Sundays off 😭💕 miracles. Secondly we got three new asl missionaries to our branch this week. One is in our mission and he seems pretty cool, pretty tired after the MTC but aren't we all? We have another deaf one in the north mission and a third who is training English. The next generation of ASL missionaries are here and it's super weird..... 

So Jessica brought up a few concerns this week about being nervous and also had a huge problem with Halloween and no matter what we said she didn't seem to understand. But then yesterday after stake conference we pulled a recent convert into our lesson and it was seriously the best lesson ever. He was able to share his conversion story and helped Jess solve ALL her concerns. And at the end of the lesson she was talking about her journey with the missionaries and started saying how she is looking for the truth but as she kept talking she was basically teaching herself and helped herself realize she found the truth! Like what?! She just solved her own concern. Crazy I know. She's still nervous for baptism because she's never done it before but it's understandable. She's still going strong! Thanks for your prayers everyone. Members are the key and my testimony of fasting certainly has grown stronger. Also another crazy story with her is that on Sunday she was coming to church but when she got to the train station the trains were closed due to a bomb going off in Manhattan but she was determined to come to stake conference so she WALKED (at least till she found a running subway), let me just say our strongest members didn't even come to stake conference....gosh she's a champion. 

As you heard it was stake conference this week and it was amazing. The Manhattan stake is the best stake ever. Mostly because their stake choir is all Juilliard students but it was just an overall amazing meeting. The theme was "Things that matter most" and it was just cool to see all the different topics that were spoken about. They had so many testimonies and the spirit was wonderful. And we had two investigators there so that was the cherry on top of it all. :) I'm sad another transfer is over but this next transfer will be a good one, I'll be sure to make Deuels last one the best one ;) haha. Well that's all for now till next week! Love and miss you all so much ❤️ 

Love, Sister Seay 

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