Monday, July 18, 2016

" you want to convert?"

Hello friends and family!! How are you all doing this fine week? Hopefully you're all staying nice and cool, which is exactly what sister Nash and I have been trying to do but all we do is walk through the pool of humidity everyday and sweating all the time! Gosh I will never take for granted the dry heat ever again, but in other good news I have a nice sister missionary shoe tan line so that's always eventful haha.
Anyways to more seriousness, this week was awesome!! So first off I'll start with Tuesday because it was a crazy day. We decided to go find a referral and when we got there she was so excited to see us. We talked with her for a little bit and even gave her a Book of Mormon and set up a time to visit her again, but that's when her dad came home. He told us he was Jewish and that his family wasn't interested in learning more but then the second thing he asked us was if we wanted to convert to Judaism. Talk about the roles being switched am I right? All I could think to myself was "Oh my this how our investigators feel when we invite them to be baptized?" Haha but he was so nice and friendly and actually invited us in for some fruit. We talked to him about his family, which actually turned into a lesson and turns out he's a Russian Jew! Holy cow we taught a Jew! But then his wife came home..... Needless to say she was not friendly to us but her sweet husband said we wanted to convert so she didn't throw us out of their house. Then the wife saw her daughter had a Book of Mormon and took it out of her hands and gave it back to us. But an amazing thing is that a few minutes later she took if out of MY hands! She wants to learn and read the Book of Mormon so badly but her family will be a huge hurdle for us. Later that night we had to go to the temple to interpret for a stake relief society activity but when we walked out of the temple we noticed our car was gone!! Yep you guessed it....we got towed AGAIN! So we had to walked throughout all of Manhattan trying to find our car and to the tow pound. But we got our car back thankfully. Why do I have such bad luck with cars??? Then we also had gas leak when got home one night in our apartment..... It was awful. Do you know how scary it is to sleep with your windows open in New York especially when you live on the first floor at the front of the building?

On Wednesday we had a zone conference which was really really good. We discussed a lot about short and powerful lessons, the priesthood, giving our best to the lord, and morning studies. It was so powerful and motivating, but the entire meeting seemed to be focused on the missionaries going home within the next few transfers which was heartbreaking. Also the departing missionaries going home bore their testimonies and it was so sad because I've been able to serve with most of them and we all have become so close. After this group of missionaries going home I won't know anyone in the mission anymore haha, they're all wonderful missionaries and I'm grateful for the impact they've had so far on my mission and in my life.

So we had a lesson with our investigator and her fiancé had expressed interest in learning forever ago but we have never been able to get him to be there whenever we go over or join the lesson but on Saturday he was home!! We asked him to join the lesson and he did, we shared a quick overview of the restoration and spent most of our time talking about eternal families. He was agreeing with us the entire time and it was so powerful! Miracles never cease! We're going back this week to have a lesson with BOTH of them :)

Yesterday at church was so special because we have a family visiting from Florida for the next three weeks and their son is deaf so we had to join the primary to interpret but the kids have such a sweet spirit about them. There was one little girl and we asked her what she liked about church and all she said was "there is a lot of peace here" so profound for a six year old girl. It's so true when the scriptures say we need to become as a little child because although they might not be as tall or wise or strong they are spiritual Giants and so innocent and they are the biggest examples to us all.

Well that's all for now! Hope you all had a great week and stay safe! :) love and miss you all so much.

Love, Sister Seay

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